Range Rover


Range rover has incarnated once again as the chosen transport of the rich and famous. Although it was first launched 40 years ago, it has evolved since then as the world’s top premium sports utility vehicle. Young customers, most importantly celebs, mainly opt for the dashing sporty versions of RANGE ROVER while the old customers opt for the classy RANGE ROVER which has limousine specification interiors and ride comfort. The secret of the ongoing success of RANGE ROVER is its sheer class and comfort it provides when the going gets tough on the road.

Engine Features
The new RANGE ROVER 2010 includes 3 top notch options in addition to the Vogue and Vogue SE options. There are three engine options, the all new 5.0-litre, V8, 375bhp/510Nm/376lb ft petrol unit, the new supercharged version of that engine with 510bhp/625/Nm/461lb ft and the main selling 3.6-litre, twin turbo V8 diesel unit with 271bhp/630Nm/465lb ft of power and torque output. All use a six-speed automatic transmission with full time four-wheel drive with locking differentials, different terrain mode selection and high or low ratio transfer box.

Price and luxuries
Prices range from a mammoth £66,095 to £81,725 plus options. All these models have the active rear differential lock, DVD twin screen rear seat entertainment system, the vision assist pack of rear/side cameras, four zone air conditioning and the tyre pressure monitoring system. Top speed is 124mph, 0-60mph takes 8.6 seconds. Despite its weight and size, it has a cheetah’s paw on road. As for fuel economy it will officially average 25.4mpg .And its flawless leather and wood interior finishing, electrically adjustable front/rear seats and limousine style instrumentation gives an elegant and sumptuous ride.

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