VW Volkswagen VENTO


Quality is an automatic process when attitude of a manufacturer is right. Volkswagen has unleashed an aggressive pattern to religiously cater to the Indian needs. While the car as a whole comes protected with all conscious and unconscious driving lapses, VW Vento boasts of its bumpy and sturdy bumpers lined up front and back. Dual SRS airbags, aggressive build and the all-conquering looks commands a royal highness and imperial touch in its stand, stature and function. First you are bitten by a sense of venerability to be overtaken later by ‘vulnerability’. You just feel lovingly surrendered. It is just lively, confident and able to give your own set mileage that one could matter-of-factly ask for. VW Vento graces the face of the automobile industry and has got the attributes expected of a pioneer.

Engine: Engine comes in its dual form of Petrol and Diesel versions and you could yet make choosy selections from its many variants of manual and automatic transmissions. You will just wish to go for all from the lot. 1.6L engine has many horses packed in it to give it a thunder kind of a power. The charisma of this sedan will hit the showrooms sooner. Volkswagen is determined to overtake Honda City in its diesel version.

Features: Vento’s suspensions are going to mark remarkable maneuverability and control. Environment friendly, maneuverable to safety, controllable over performance, satiating comfort etc. are just measures worthy of being saluted. Adjustable steering, decorated and body-fit seating and smooth cruise are all rolled into the sync.

Exteriors:– VW Vento has got a body typical of male chauvinism in that Six Packs. At the same time its beauty is alluring. After-all, this is from the Great Volkswagen series pool. It is just keyed to the Indian roads.

Interior: With its spacious interiors with softening inside ingredients of nature, safety measures all intact, it will hit the Indian tarmac and stay put to in the heart of Indian automobile fans. You enter the compact ‘Vento’ to realize that it suits you hook, line and sinker and it even complements your style and persona. Like a duck to water. This crisp sedan gives new dimensions in the market and set customer desires to a T. If car dreamers are sleeping in, let them wake up to see the real phenomenal standing to give you that extra comfort with adventurism. It is just a sight to see its stance and stature.

You need sophisticated eyes and seasoned mind to decipher and fathom the intricacy of engineering and tech-specs of VENTO’s dynamics. That’s why VW controls a big chunk of the market. VW Vento customers are well informed and educated ones and this distinction gives this sedan a quintessential niche in the market. That is VW Vento which is made of stern stuff and is friendly with eco-systems.

VW vento’s other variants and ex-showroom prices are tentatively tabled below:

Vento TrendlinePetrol … Rs.702883/-
Vento HighlinePetrol … Rs.828075/-
Vento HighlinePetrol Automatic … Rs.926619
Vento TrendlineDiesel … Rs. 803439
Vento HighlineDiesel … Rs. 926619