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Honda City: Want a ride in comfort to safety? Ever dreamt of an automobile that agrees with your pocket size. Honda city has it in it… For that matter, you know every car is safe and comfortable. You pause for a moment to learn why Honda City is different. Who is the manufacturer? None else, it is the William Edwards Deming sort of one – Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.
Honda City having been introduced some years ago has taken a virtual second birth, mature enough to fathom the depth of the mindset of its customers. Your nuances and nimbleness will get accommodated in the form of its new avatar. The much in demand Honda City is selling itself per month 4000 units of its new avatar.

Outlook: Honda City embraces any dress of colours and just looks terrific. Standing like race-ready raring to hit the tarmac showing off its strongly built, performance-bound, head-form stature and geometry, it gives an idea that it means your business. Its elegance and composure reconfirm that it is in the genus pool of value and authority. To accomplish a full circle of epitome, Honda City built into it not just architectural elements and engineering inputs but technological inputs and sophisticated dexterity. You observe it from an angle to impress upon the fact that it has the power and means to take you to safety within the demands you have set. Why go for other hatchback options when you have this limousine beckoning you to be part of it.

Ingenuity: By incorporating European specs and imbibing geometry of German engineers, the ‘sporty’ showcases its hybrid tech-savvy features compact in quality while manifesting sober and calm control mechanism.
Features: Dark-penetrating lighting arrangements are set at front and back. While the safety-mode frontier build offers mild looks with sturdy tautness, the rear side structure smacks of aggression. The contours, rigidity and cushioning effect of bumpers assure any shock or hit will get absorbed. The frontier dual SRS airbags play a buffer-role in absorption. The bonnets and body are robust and glossy.

What about its character? Ahem, have a test drive. And, yet another glaring feature of Honda City is its rack-and-pinion steering wheel and its aptness to suit acceleration on any terrain topography. This sedan is a sure bet in the C segment market. Now, if you opt for the automatic version, the interior boasts of unending features like luxury time and comfort giving you a respite – literally. You have not to be always cluster-centric in order to switch gears. If you apply your sense too, then you have drive King Size? Honda City goes sensor-mode to take control of the driving mechanism. Never be afraid. All you need to do is take the sedan into confidence and have a test drive to be friends with it. The rest is corollary.

Why Honda?

At the end of the day, through the congesting traffic and many calls on your mind, you still feel fresh. The roller-coaster Indian tarmac has failed to fail you and you give the credit to this prestigious brand, Honda City. The features go on and on. The steering wheel is adjustable to suit vector and velocity. The Paddle Shift Gearbox arrangement with 5 switch gears along with sensor and valve techniques and you are on cloud nine. Again, body panel, systems, sub-systems and all its components as a whole are able to communicate intelligently and involve each other in the business. Creativity in Suspension module is another facet of Honda City. It gives better drivability and control mechanism. The McPherson Strut is fitted in the suspension module to suit better drivability, outlook and roomy inside. The rear suspension is fitted with Torsion Beam Axle. Both the suspensions are stabilizer-supplemented at both sides and come protected with Coil Springs. The front-side McPherson Strut takes care of space, safety and control elements. Coil springs are buffer cushions meant to absorb shocks and hits. Anti Braking System comes bundled in this sedan. It takes care of the sudden pull and push of the braking effect and acts as a threshold tranquilizer avoiding skidding and overturns.
Exterior: Reinforced bumpers, SRS double airbags, peppy bonnet, sturdy body, etc give the City the appeal and protection in its exterior. The refulgent red colour is just riveting and it looks spectacular in any colours including Metal Metallic, Beige Metallic, Black Pearl, White Tafetta etc.

Its inside view instantaneously gives off urban sentiments replete with quality and control. If you compartmentalize it, it takes your eyes and minds to a ride right from its integrated iPod-in-audio system and adaptable USB cable, legroom comfort, friendly climax, serene composure, caparison upholstery-clad pro-spine-buttock 5-seating capacity, enervating interior walls to its architectural appeals and never-compromising quality functionalities.

Engine: This sedan is saddled with 1497 cc 1.5L, SOHC-4 cylinder iVTEC engine yielding an overall 11.6 kmpl and with a city mileage of 11 kmpl and highway mileage of 14 kmpl. However, the condition of terrain may affect the mileage proportions. But Honda Ceil sure walks the basic talks. The ‘City’ comes in 1.5 E MT, 1.5 S MT, 1.5 V MT, 1.5 V MT Exclusive, 1.5 V AT & 1.5 V AT Exclusive to tailor-suit the customers’ option.

Economy and Price:
Economy statistics has it that automatic version rules the roost over manual transmission. But an Indian customer needs understanding with conviction that this compact sedan, Honda City, gives you the mileage, performance, amenities along with a price tag of your reach. You can check the tariff at to select from its range of variants for making a purchase decision. To say roughly, MTs come within the range of 8.5 to 10 lakhs (exclusive) and ATs version at 11.04 lakhs.

Efficiency: Operated at a power of 118 PS @ 6600 RPM, giving an overall mileage of 11.6 kmpl with a decently controllable torque of 146 nm @ 4800 RPM. Well, look like possessing at least one! Honda city, a born again automobile is undoubtedly, the best suite for car enthusiasts.

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