Maruti Ritz -Car Review


One of the leading automobile manufactures in India, Maruti Suzuki has drawn a straight line from its facade to A2 segment. Maruti Ritz is an earth-shattering model rolled out into reckoning the market. Tech-fed by experts of Japan, this new model will have a blithering presence on the segment with power and thunder. Maruti Ritz oozes out a challenging stance of “catch-me-if-you-can” that one customer has aptly put as “The proof is in the pudding”. This hatch is sure to shape up a niche in the Indian market in double quick time. The paradigm modern shift of desire and needs are well reflected in this model. The engine is the lynchpin of Maruti Suzuki.

Capacity & Economy: This petrol variant of Maruti Ritz can churn out 85 PS @ 6000 RPM. This petty sedan is compliant with BSIV emission standards and is operated in manual transmission with 5-pronged gearing features. This sporty has an economic advantage that stems from the space-time maneuverability. Its parts are well assembled with a fusion. This automobile has the chassis that has become the thrust of other leading manufacturers. The 1.2L, 1197 cc K-12 Series engine goes a perfect bundle on the car. Its diesel version is fitted with 1.3L, 1248 cc DDiS engine generating a power of 75 PS @ 4000 RPM and a torque of 190Nm@2000 RPM at a decent speed. The diesel version presents a tad tip mileage more than its petrol version. Both versions have excellent fuel-economy and efficiency. The Indian consumers can have a field day filled with joy when the mix quality and size of pocket go hand in hand.

Exterior and Interior: The pomp and grandeur of this sporty has a call from its exterior looks. Sleekly textured and coloured in Emerald Blue, it faithfully overwhelms you with its trust symbol of Chrome logo. Its grandeur, elegance, colour, attitude, composure and comportment all make it irresistible for an average car enthusiast. Now let us have an interior view to have a further extension of your excitement. Steering adjustments, complete radio system, automatic entry are a notch or two top while pouring out elegance and beauty. Add it to the serenity and tranquility of its sober and clam interior ambience of nostalgic water fall console, a la the sanctum sanctorum of Ganga Falls.

Safety: Safety is not made a bargain here over comfort, quality and control Anti-lock Braking System is built into the model with all other innovative, aggressive features of safety. Dual SRS Airbags, answer-provoking tooter, specialized lighting setups and angular-stature of build position, rigidity of wishbone suspensions and absorbance-and accident-proof precautions are all but a tip of the iceberg, that makes Maruti Ritz ‘a model with a difference’ and more about the charisma of its robust chassis. Its load distribution, flexibility and unerring movements are to name but a few of its traits and characters. Alloy wheels, tilt adjustable steering, mounted audio, integrated stereo, storage, capacity etc. may need to be given a mention among many others. Maruti Ritz engine is acoustically disciplined and efficiently trained on its duty. Its Greener Standards are awesome.

The Ritz is competitively prized at a range approximate of nearly 4.8-6 lakhs , which is lesser than the Swift and more then the Wagon R and A star models of Maruti.