The All new Nissan Micra


With all the new generation Bharat stage 4 vehicles entering India and a rush of new cars ploughing the Indian auto industry, there seems to be an aura of supreme interest to release better engines into the Market. Cashing on in this explosive Indian market is another manufacturer, Nissan auto, the Japanese Heavyweight . Although the Nissan ‘s Xtrail and the acutely stylish Teana have already created a furore in the Indian market,what Nissan needed to comprehensively penetrate the market was a New car ,A car that caters to the masses and that also captures the hearts of the local class.

Keeping the bare essentials in mind, Nissan is all set to release the Nissan Micra , hatchback. As style and performance are already trademarks of all Nissan cars, Nissan Micra also hopes to keep up the expectations by bringing in the state of the art technology to the Indian community.

The exact specifications of the Nissan Micra have not yet been released but here are some snippets about the new car.

The All New Nissan Micra powers from a new V platform that is supposed to be the fourth generation engine of the Micra legacy. With a 3 cylinder petrol engine that also comes packed with cool features such as supercharging, direct injection and stop/start functionality, the Nissan Micra has a good offer value.The powertrain of the micra also sets a standard by emitting a meagre 95g/km of CO2.

Rumour has it that the Power of the new Micra is rated at 100bhp generating 142Nm of torque.As of now ,the New Micra is due to be released in four locations namely India, Mexico, Thailand and China. The larger plan is that it will be launched in 160 countries over the next 12 months.

Nissan auto takes great pride in the experience of designing compact cars since the last 25 years and there is no doubt that the New Nissan Micra would deliver a great performance for city driving with its versatile platform. Time alone would tell as to how far would the Nissan compete and bring down its hatchback rivals in the already crowded Indian Market.
Till then , we just have to wait and watch..

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