VOLVO-ushering the revolution of elite transportation.


Of the so many buses that ply on the Indian roads to transport passengers, there has been a new elite category of buses that has

left all the other buses far behind. In terms of speed, agility, comfort or be it low emissions, excellent vehicle control and noiseless cruising, no other bus on the Indian road comes close in achieving the quality standards that the Volvo engineering has set on the Indian arena.In effect Volvo has redefined the travel quality on the Indian roads and the rising popularity of Volvo buses proves the point that India does appreciate quality and reliability.

The most familiar Volvo Bus that is on the roads is built on the powerful B7R Engine . Going by the cute and plush exteriors of the Volvo B7R would make one wonder that this Bus is made for smooth roads but , the smooth movement of the Volvo bus on some of the notorious pothole filled roads proves that the vehicle is built on a very solid platform with amazing shock absorbers.And coming to the handling and th manueverability of a Volvo bus, there is no doubt that a Volvo B7R gives a tough challenge to any Indian passenger sedan .Nevertheless ,all these facilities come with an extra heavy pricing. The buses made

on the B7R platform almost cost around 80 to 90 lakhs , many times the cost of any normal luxury bus. But still owing to the extremely attractive features that Volvo provides, it has slowly carved a strong space in the elite luxury vehicle divisions.With the golden quadrilateral of National highways coming up, Volvos have become all the more common.


A new treat to the public eye has come from the new Bus variant B9R. This variant is a multiaxle bus that is akin to the famous Greyhound buses in the US. With a new powerful engine, Volvo claims that B9R provides more stability and control during turns and prevents overturning at high speeds. Another obvious advantage is the increased passenger space that translates to more seats and revenue per trip. Although not as common as the B7R ,the B9R is slowly picking its customers from the prominent private travels. The B9R seems to be more at ease on the 6 lane highways and it is a treat to experience the comfort and speed of a Volvo on a long distance trip.


One point to ponder is that as a vehicle of an elite class, the cost of travelling in a Volvo is almost double that of travelling in a normal bus.

But then sometimes, it is worth experiencing a ride on an engineering marvel.