Tata Indigo CS e series released


The Tata motors in an effort to revamp its strong hold in the sedan market has released an enhanced version of the hit Indigo compact sedan (CS) . The new version of the indigo CS is an effort to improve the already existing CS version and TATA motors has surely refined the Indigo CS to consolidate its exisiting market.

So whats new in the Indigo CS e series?


The All new E series almost looks the same with respect to its older variant but there are a few new features added in the E series variant. The E series CS indigo has new headlamps that has its indicators/blinkers integrated on top.The front grille is revamped to give a more stylish look. The Indigo E series also has elictrical body coloured OVRMs that seamlessly blend with the car’s exterior .TATA motors has somehow made sure that the front look od the Indigo E series Sedan does’nt seem similar to the Indica by tweaking the above features. All the new E series variants come with fog lamps that definetly make this sedan on par with the existing basic sedans.


The interiors have also changed a bit with all new instrument clusters( Front view panel) , and a little more sophistication in the biege interiors .Legroom and the other standards remain the same but the higher variant comes with an exciting MP# blue tooth enabled Stereo system,


Other features also include the automatic climb/gradient assist system that is not explained as well even on the TATA motors website but  does fit in as a unique features that other sedans do not offer.

Why would one buy the Indigo E-CS ?

The USP of the E -series Indigo e CS  is its all new CR4  bharat stage IV engine (Common rail Diesel ) engine . TATA motors claims an astounding mileage of 23.03 kmpl for the Diesel variant which is by far the highest mileage claimed for any Sedan in India. The mileage factor contributes to one of the main convincing reasons to buy an Indigo e CS . Adding to the new comfort features , the TATA Indigo e-CS comes with a unbelievable and unrivalled competitive ex showroom price ,(  494,550.00 (Diesel) and 411,291.00(petrol) ) that is hard to resist , given the costly hatchbacks hovering in the market.

The new CR4 Engine with its Bharat Stage compliance would be definetly a better performing and a more silent engine than the older version. A test drive of the Indigo E-CS would be worth an option  before deciding to jump for other hatchbacks nad sedan, given the relatively low after sales servicing and the huge service network that is second only to Maruti in India.

For a detailed tech spec, refer to the following link

Indigo e-CS

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