Why do cars require Engine Oil?


Oil is a very important component in the car. Engine Oil is akin to the blood of a vehicle, without which the Engine and your car is as good as dead.

Function of engine Oil.

While the Engine OIL is a very important lubricant to keep the Metal parts from getting damaged, it also plays a great role in smooth functioning of the Whole Engine. Without Engine Oil, the metals parts will simply rub and split apart because of friction.

Why is it necessary to check the Oil levels?
Reduced oil level indicates reduced smoothness and more friction in generating power. Hence this directly damages the Engine and reduces performance. Hence it is absolutely important to keep changing and filling Oil into the car during servicing or regular intervals.

Make sure that your Engine has the relevant oil changes because this will also affect the whole vehicle s life and performance. One must rather spend on regular oil checks than trying to save money on maintenance.

The following points will be taken care if you regularly change OIL.

1) Ensures good mileage

2) Ensures a smooth driving

3) Ensures a long life to your Engine

4) You Engine will literally breathe into life if it is oiled properly.

Use it and replenish it for the best performance and smooth driving. Certain cars also have Oil level indicators, which directly glow on the dashboard .

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