The war of the Giants: FORD FIGO vs VW POLO


Welcome to the war of the Giants where in the warfield is of one of the biggest consumer base ,which is India.Here is a short overview of the entry of the latest hatchbacks Ford Figo and the VW Polo into the Indian Market.


Almost around 20 cm longer than the Ford Figo, the VW Polo comes with a host of enviable looks and accessories .Ford Figo Diesel on the other hand ,with its cute looks, comes with the already famous TDCI(turbo charged-extra pickup) Common rail Engine that has made significant inroads with Fiesta and Ikon.While the torque delivered by the Figo 1.4litre (69 PS) @4000 rpm is a litle lesser than the Polo’s 1.2Litre’s 75 PS @4200rpm, both the engines are pretty decent in terms of the mileage and Power generation.

Coming to the other points ,the Boot sapce in both the cars is almost same(285 litre volume) and with a similar ground clearance, both the hatchbacks come with competitive safety systems ranging from ABS, Airbags and other comfort features.As both the cars are evenly matched in terms of power and performance ,The real war begins at the pricing warfront.While the Diesel Polo comes (low end) at an approximate cost of 5 lakhs ,the ford FIGO(low end ) is relatively cheaper at 4.5 lakhs(approximately) .


Now it is upto the customer to choose between VW ,a famous German Engineering Brand(Eptome of Quality) or a Ford, which is the world’s oldest Car company.

One important point to note is that Ford has drastically reduced its after service pricing owing to the manufacturing of spare parts in Chennai. While VW has opened a manufacturing plant in Pune, it would definetely take some time for a German brand to compete with the already established service setup and reduced spareparts of Ford. And in the race to release the Diesel Engine variant ,Ford has already started deliveries of the FIGO’s Diesel variant but VW is expected to release the Diesel variant in still some time.But then ,VW Polo’s Common rail Diesel Engine would undoubtedly bring to India, an unmatched standard that is already common in the German auto Industry.It still remains a close battle between the 2 Giants .

While my personal advice is to take an independent test drive,
follow your heart and then choose your car, for nothing would satisfy the pleasure of choosing a car that makes you happy in a special way.