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There is a lot of speculation whenever we look at the mileage figures provided by the car manufacturers in India. Most of the times , it so happens that the mileage figures stated in a car brochure are not completely true . In reality , the mileage figure is far lower than the specified mileage of the car or two wheeler. As customers and car buyers, we needed a trustworthy agency that could certify the official mileage of the vehicles sold in India. The wait for a trustworthy organisation to quote the mileage of the cars independent of the manufacturer’s influence is now over.

SIAM , Society of Indian automotive manufacturers is one association that has finally recognised this need and has dedicated a completely trustworthy procedure of publishing the official mileage of the vehicles in India.The society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers SIAM, is joint organization and consortium of Indian automotive manufacturers. This is an umbrella organisation which has set the standards and specification for the fuel quality anf has also officially tested the mileage of each and every 4 wheeer and two wheelers in India. It is an ISO 9001 certified organisation which now specified the benchmarks for the fuel quality, emission and safety standards for Vehicles in India. Each vehicle can be internally calibrated to a given mileage but the calibration will compensate with power, performance and acceleration.
The officially published fuel mileage of the cars and two wheelers is available at the following link..

4 wheelers mileage

Indian 2 Wheelers mileage

Tata Nano leads the official mileage figures among all indian cars, while Hero Honda Spledor leads among all other 2 wheelers. To get a comprehensive overview of the mileage, please refer the official links above.

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