What is the Purpose of Handbrake or Parking Brake in a vehicle or car?


Why do we need a Handbrake in a car ?

When we already have foot pedal brakes, which are used for effective braking, the handbrake or the parking brake comes as an additional brake for a car. Note the word”parking brake’ refers to the fact that this brake is used to keep the car from moving, when parked. In other words, you could use the parking brake whenever you park the car and you don’t intend that the car moves accidentally.

The hand brake is also referred as an emergency brake. This is to use it as a braking system when the normal brakes fail to function effectively. The hand brake is very effective especially if one is driving on a steep uphill and there is a risk of rolling backwards due to insufficient torque. Be aware that driving the car with the handbrake engaged can damage the car if execcively continued for a long duration. However during steep curves and roads, Heavy trucks and cars do use the handbrake while driving slowly up the hill.The accidental slip when one is waiting at a signal can be easily avoided if the handbrake is effectively used. However using it for braking when the normal brakes are working might cause vehicle instability.

Experienced drivers such as the sports car drivers use the parking brake to negotiate curves during high speed races. Even stuntmen use the parking brake to skid stylishly in the action film scenes.

One needs to nevertheless keep in mind that the Hand brake is at best used during parking to keep the vehicle stationary.

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