How to Book train Tickets Online –


A step by step description of booking railway tickets online-

Planning to travel? Want to go by train? But don’t want to stand in the booking line for an hour and half? Well, there’s no need for that as the Indian Railway system has finally woken up to the Internet. You can now book your trains seats online at Here is a quick guide to how you can find and book the tickets you want online.

Step 1- The is simple to navigate. You will have to open an account at the website. Ensure that you put in the right names and details as you will be billed according to the account number. Registration is free. Once you have opened an account, a new window opens up with further details. If you have the train number you can proceed to step 2.

Step 2- Find the train you want by using the search engine located at the left hand side of the window. For example, I wanted information about the MATYSAGANDAHA EXPRESS and I was able to find a calendar of available dates that I can book. Two varieties of tickets are offered called ITickets, and ETickets. ITickets can be booked two days in advance but ETickets can be booked four to six hours in advance. Another advantage is that opening day booking (90 days in advance) is also available for customers.

Step 3- Once you have found the train you want, click on the BOOK button at the bottom of the page. Enter the names and date of birth of the passengers along with booth preferences. If you want another train, click the RESET button to go back.

Step 4- Once you have completed filling in the form you are prompted for payment. The site now offers credit card, direct debit and cash card payments for the tickets you have booked. Note down the PNR number and the transaction ID to confirm the booking and for verification. Tickets can be delivered to your home or you can print them.

• The site has a QUICK BOOK option where you can book your tickets faster without opening an account
• Mumbai season tickets for the Central, Western and Harbor lines is also possible
• There are a huge number of free gifts and offers at the site. Click on the SPECIAL OFFERS tab on the home page to learn more
• Shubh Yatra is good option for frequent travelers as you get a 10% disount on tickets along with a huge range of perks.