Car Silencer


We have all noticed that every car has an exhaust tailpipe attached that gushes out the exhaust smoke as the engine works through transporting the vehicle.This is known as the Car silencer or the Muffler which does have some special advantages and is an integral part of the exhaust system.

In reality the name silencer comes from the natural use of reducing the noise that is associated in the exhaust gases when spewed out by an engine. In simple terms , the silencer or the muffler is actually used to cancel out the noise that is associated by cancelling out the sound waves that are generated in the exhaust.

Many auto enthusiasts use a special mini muffler in their cars because the smaller the length of the muffler, the more the sound generated in the car’s exhaust. Many sporty cars have this enhanced minimufflers just for the thrill of the extra sound that associates with the power . It is generally not advisable to change the existing muffler/silencer to increase the sound as this leads to a decrease in the mileage owing to an inefficient letting out of the exhaust .Some cars have stylishly designed Silencers that add to the existing looks of the car.

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