ICE-Inter City express


ICE- the Intercity express is the high speed train of the germany’s Deutsche Bahn Train network. The ICE is world famous for its high speed journeys and is in the elite league of the French TGV and the Japan’s Shinkansen Bullet trains.A cruising speed of 250km/hr with impeccable comfort and safety are the hallmark of the German’s ICE-inter city express.

An amazing feature of the ICE train is its resemblance to an aeroplane’s front , To make it highly streamlined and to reduce the coefficent of drag,the ICE is aerodynamically designed to slice through air providing a safe and comfortable journey. The highest speed of the ICE touch around 300kmph on the high speed lines of Germany and even within Europe. Because of the high speed, the ICE has dedicated lines that have longer curves to maintain the stability of the train. Some new ICE trains are also equipped with Tilt technology that allows them to tilt during turns .This enables them to travel on existing tracks and thus dont demand dedicated lines of travel.

ICE at high speed

Personal Experience:
When compared to the World’s fastest train on tracks,the TGV, the ICE does’nt match the speed of the TGV but scores on many other aspects.The ICE train has luxurious interiors/seats when compared to the standard sized seats available in the TGV’s comapartments. And at high speeds of 250 km/hr plus, one can actually feel the speed of the TGV owing to slight jerks at curves .But the ICE train provides almost a 0 Db noise and extremely stable ride at 250km/hr. One cannot feel any jerks nor any noticeable sound of the hurtling train that is cruising at high speeds.
The only way to find out that one is travelling amazingly fast is to look at the speedometer display that tells the speed in every compartment Or to look out of the window to see fields vanishing away at breakneck speed.

ICE at close quarters

All in All , the ICE scores in comfort and noiseless ride and thats one important aspect to cool one’s nerves when travelling at such high speeds. With the state of the art technology and excellent puntuality, the ICE of the Deutsche Bahn is one of the few high speed trains that offers unparalleled features in ters of performance, speed, comfort and safety. Barring a fatal accident in the 1990’s (around 100 lives lost),the ICE service has been virtually accident free.