Ferrari 599 GTB


A Fiery red hot blazing machine, that s how you describe a Ferrari. And no other vehicle comes closer to resembling the Supercar Ferrari 599 GTB, the latest of the 2 seater rage that burns the road
.A combination of jaw dropping looks and a heart racing performance is the usual
thing that is always guaranteed with the Ferrari 599 GTB, which is the latest of the
Mean machines from the Ferrari Shop.

The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano comes from the family of the Gran Turismo (GT-grand tourer),
that is known as a special category of High performance premium luxury long distance cars.
A speciality of these cars is that they are high speed, hi -performance oriented cars
designed for bringing out the racing enthusiast in every normal person. The name Fiorano
is part of the circuit that is used by the Ferrari testing grounds for its high performance cars.

Unlike an amazingly stylish Lamborghini or a Mercedes SLS , the Ferrari’s trademark
is its sheer grand presence that overshadows every other adjacent car on the
road. The Ferrari’s out and out sturdy appearance resonate the thrill of driving
the car as well. With a 6 litre engine that roars to propel the vehicle to a top
speed of 330kmph, the Ferrari GTB is in the league of the other Special high
premium cars such as the SLS and Lamborghini brands.

Blasting to a 0-100kmph in 3.7 seconds and 0-200kmph in about 11s, the V12 engine
churns out an incredible 608Nm of torque to make your hair fly as you drive.
Alongwith an advanced F1 Gearbox for easy gear shifts and a great suspension,
the Ferrari GTB 599 offers an excellent driving pleasure and manoeuvrability.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no official dealer who is responsible for the Ferrari sales in India .