Toyota Prius


When the world was still looking at ways to save fuel and thinking of devising means of depending on alternate means of transport, Toyota had already gone ahead building a commercially viable Hybrid car .A hybrid that runs on Petrol and Electric power, A car that commercially runs and doesn’t give trouble like the other run on the mill Electric vehicles.

The Toyota Prius was first manufactured commercially in Japan in 1997 December. And it used to be imported to other countries untill the hybrid was introduced to the world in the year 2001. the Toyota Prius was initially sold at a loss by Toyota in an effort to introduce hybrid vehicles to the World and stress the importance of the Green car concept.And soon the toyota Prius became the mother of all hybrids with its astonishing features and revolutionary concept that swept the world off its feet.

With sales peaking in the coming years , the Prius has become the undisputed hybrid of the world and is still seen as a status symbol that sends a message to the world.As in Toyota’s tagline for the Prius , it is a ” Harmony between the Man , nature and the Machine”. the harmony of Prius’ engine speaks volumes of research and technology that has gone behind making this Wonder car.

the New 3rd generation Toyota Prius is the most advanced in terms of its frugal fuel consumption, performance and handling.


->The Toyota Prius is aerodynamically the most advanced structured car that has a coefficent of drag as low as 0.25. this ensures that the Prius gives the best mileage owing to its reduced drag.
->An energy Efficient Solar roof absorbs energy to inturn cool the car with its integrated cooling system.
->Even after being a Hybrid, the Prius is as roomy as any other Sedan that is available.
->The advanced heat recovery system makes sure to recover the heat lost in the vehicle and re use it for heating the Internal cabin during cold conditions.
->An advanced Powertrain along with special rolling resistant tyres that reduce friction on the road gives an excellent mileage for the Prius.
->The best part is that Toyota Prius is also made of recyclable materils that make it the epitome of Green technology .

And with a host of other features such as the ABS(Anti braking System ), PArk Pilot, driver assisting systems such as the Lane assist, Traction control and Adaptive cruise control systems, the Prius is hard to resist with its near noiseless efficient performance. The powerful 1.5 l gasoline with its Electric engine packs in a formidable 110HP of combined horsepower. It remains to be seen as to when will theToyota Prius make inroads in India.