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When India opened up its market during the 1990’s that started the first step towards liberalisation, and when Manmohan Singh(then finance minister) took on the reins to propel India to an accelerated growth trajectory,Ford was one of the first companies that set shop in India .

Starting with its first model Ford Escort that targeted the elite segment and that penetrated the vice like grip of the Maruti India’s Market, Ford has come a long way as one of the most experienced foreign manufacturer in India. Although Known for its Powerful Ikon, that has its fans till this day, Ford was able to make a massive change when it released its revolutionary Ford Fiesta into India.

The rest is history as Ford Fiesta became one of the most likeable brand after its splendid mileage and performance and left its rivals far behind in terms of catching the Indian Consumer’s attention.The specifications of Ford Fiesta are as follows.

Available in Both Diesel and Petrol Variants, the Duratorq Diesel of the Ford Fiesta was an instant hit as it provided a high mileage of around 17-21 kmpl at a torque of 68 PS . With the new TdCi engine (Turbo Diesel Common rail Injection ) , and a turbocharger, the Ford Fiesta is smooth during accelereation and extremely comfortable for the 1.4 litre Engine. The Engine is guided by the advanced electronic control module that enables the best performance .

Features and comfort

A nice feature that is being included in most of the Sedans is the DTE, Distance to Empty meter that shows how much more distance can be travelled before an emptied fuel tank. Fiesta offers this in its features along with all other special comfort features such as plush interiors, and an excellent Boot space with a remote boot release, Integrated Music system .

Along with the airbags for collision damage prevention, Fiesta also has ABS (Anti Brake locking) to control driving behaviour during Braking, The driving Dynamics electronics makes sure that driving is easy and comfortable.

With astonishingly clean and polished looks, Fiesta is very attractive with its front grill(Ford specific) and its stylish curves. It is a nice blend of a family Sedan and exquisite performance.

The base price of the Diesel variant of Fiesta is around 7.36 lakhs in India. Other higher variants are costlier to the range of 8.5 lakhs.
The Ford Tdci Engine was only compliant to Bharat stage III norms but it is expected that Ford India would be surely improving it to BS IV shortly after the April 1 ruling of emission norms in India

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