The technology behind a Car Spoiler


We always take fancy about the term called spoiler that is attached behind the back of the car. But most of us do wonder as to what purpose a spoiler really have apart from giving a better look to your car. In addition, why is the amazingly stylish design called a ‘spoiler ‘and not something else. Well that’s because the name spoiler comes from the very function that seemingly harmless plank has.

Whenever the car is travelling at high speeds, there is a low pressure created behind the car due to which the car becomes a little unstable at high speeds. Also at high speeds, there seems to be a pure lift off that seems to reduce the traction (the touch with the road). This is caused by the air flow behind the car. To spoil this airflow, we need a ‘spoiler’ and that’s the reason why the name comes up. Thus the stylishly amazing fibre plank behind the car is actually called a ‘spoiler’ because it spoils the lamina air flow, thereby disturbing the air pattern. Once the spoiler disturbs the air flow pattern, there is a better traction and stability at high speeds. In simple terms, a car spoiler streamlines the flow of air that passes behind the car.

Note that in addition to spoilers, wings are also used in race cars to keep the car from generating lift. Wings on a sports car perform the opposite function to that of an aircraft wing.In the airline industry, wings create an uplift but in the Formula 1 car, wings keep the car on the ground. Wings generate down force to keep the car on road while spoilers spoil or disturb the air flow as it is.

Should I have a spoiler mounted on my normal car?

Spoilers on normal cars never generally serve the purpose of improving mileage at least on Indian roads and speeds, but they serve as a great enhancer for the looks of a car. Of course if you are cruising at 150 kmph on the Golden quadrilateral, you would definitely have a better stability while driving at such high speeds. Thus it is up to one’s discretion to go for a spoiler according to ones driving behaviour and quest for better looks.