Ever wondered what were the big sized muscled cars used in the road rage films such as the Fast and furious?
Have you ever seen the ubiquitous large sized 2 seater car in old films, which used to feature road races and heavy stunts? The cars, which seem to have a huge engine and big tyres and blast through the road with their amazing road presence, form a unique family known as the ‘muscled cars’. And one of the most famous of these mean cars was manufactured by the company known as the DODGE. While the original company was started by the 2 Dodge brothers in the early 20th century, the DODGE now is a brand coming from the Chrysler group.

The symbol of Dodge, which looks like a bull (Ram) with enormous horns characterises the Dodge family of cars. However Dodge has changed its trademark symbol from 2010 onwards. Before the Oil Crisis hit the U.S , these muscled cars were pretty popular for their heavy performance and road speed at drag races for they actually seemed to behave like cars fitted with oversized , power hungry Engines. Even the latest film from the Quentin Tarantino ‘Death proof ‘ features an amazing climax sequence between the Dodge cars.

One of the most famous Dodge cars was the Dart. As the name suggests, Dart ruled the drag races and gave stiff competition with its famous V8 engine which remained a legacy for a lot of years to come. With an extremely raw horsepower and huge engine capacity, the Dodge cars of the 1970 s were great fuel guzzlers. The market for these kinds of cars came down after stringent norms and Oil crisis as greater efficiency and smooth performance became the talk of the day.

The Dodge legacy has carried over since then but at a reduced level as the company still manufactures high horsepower cars.

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