The History of Audi


Audi- The name that stands for exquisite German engineering,,which produces one of the best quality passenger cars has a great history to look upon.With its headquarters in IngolStadt,Germany,the Audi Ag completed its 100th year in 2009 and it remains a force to reckon with in the global automotive car market.

The Audi has its roots primarily from the four companies that formed the group. They were : Horch, Audi ,DKW and the Eanderer.These four manufacureres were one of the oldest German Car manufacturers that came together to form the AudiAG group. In fact the four rings of Audi Symbol represent the four legacy manufacturers which formed the beginning of the world famous Audi Brand.

The company ‘s founder was originally Mr Horch, who christened the name “Audi” after the translation of his surname “hark” in latin.

Audi cars are sought after all over the world because each Audi car goes through a series of the most stringent, rigorous and lengthy testing pase where the car has to withstand extreme situations. From extreme weather to extreme roads, and extreme safety level test,ing emerges the Audi car.

The product range of Audi is an enviable set of premium and excellent quality cars which can never go unnoticed on the road. A great distinct symbol of the Audi is its smiling headlight sequence ,which gives every Audi a unique appearance. The company’s technological slogan “Vorsprung durch technik” signifies Audi’s commitment of “Projection through technology” which has worked wonders through its impeccable quality and performance of a typical Audi car. While Audi has penetrated India by starting its first manufacturing plant in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, it remains to be seen when Audi would want to play it big in the Indian market.

The Audi ‘s parent group is Volkswagen group but the Audi Ag group also manages the Italian lamborghini manufacturing . Audi plans to increase its product range to a

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