Rolls Royce – Luxury Redefined.


Rolls Royce – Luxury Redefined.

Rolls Royce – an epitome of perfection in everything it does. The Phantom family of ROLLS ROYCE cars has not only redefined ROLLS ROYCE but also the luxury car market. The premium cars are designed and manufactured at its headquarters,Goodwood, Britain where the cutting edge technology and craftsmanship come together to create a engineering marvel named Rolls Royce.

It’s an experience that titillates all the senses. The feel and the aroma of wide expanses of soft leather upholstery truly define elegance and luxury. Each set of veneers comes from a single tree to create a simple, seamless, flow of glossy finish to the whole car.

Each ROLLS ROYCE is unique in its own sense. Customers play an equal, unparalleled role in designing this beauty just as the engineers do. Each Phantom is hand built to order, so you can choose the finishing touches to make it truly unique. You say it and they have it.
The sky is the limit. You can personalize your car to any extent possible.

The Phantom family is a congregation of four models.

Phantom – It’s a classic version of ROLLS ROYCE. Its smooth curves and body lines provide an uncanny finish to the car. Just as Phantom’s presence is quietly authoritative, the delivery of power from the direct-injection V12 engine is equally impressive. At 70mph over 90% of the power is available in reserve, making for effortless acceleration.

Phantom Drophead Coupe – I call it the sporty variant of the classy Phantom ROLLS ROYCE. Indeed it is one. When its hood is up, the Coupe leaves the passenger with a romantic feeling and takes him/her to state of supreme ecstasy.

Phantom Coupe – The most driver-orientated model in the Phantom family, the Phantom Coupé is a sleek and seductive combination of classic proportions, powerful presence and breathtaking detail. This is by far the most driver focused Phantom ever built. The short wheelbase, greater rigidity, the same lightweight aluminum space frame makes it more agile and dynamic.

Phantom Ghost – Ghost is the essence of Rolls-Royce in its simplest and purest form. Every inch of it delivers on the power of simplicity. The V12 engine remains whisper-quiet even when accelerating – Ghost’s occupants will only notice the scenery pass at a quicker rate. Engineered to grip the road at all times, it creates a more dynamic drive and the famous Rolls-Royce ‘magic carpet ride’ for driver and passengers.