The Men Behind the Bangalore Metro


The men behind the Bangalore Metro..

We all know that the Bangalore metro rail construction has been going on in full swing since the last 3 years and the public is anxiously waiting for its first Metro Ride. We have also seen day and night that scores of workers have actually toiled to construct various structures of the Metro construction. One of the hallmarks of the metro rail network are its various state of art stations which stretch across the city. Close to 20 stations with a huge depot in Byappanahalli terminal are going to be built.Huge columns of cements and large casting materials have been used to erect these stations by scores of labourers.

Apart from the design engineers and the project planning personnel and the various resources that have been invested in the first Ever Bangalore mass trasns rapid system, there is one particular group which has made a great contribution to the Metro stations.These are the special migrant workers who are from the Bangladesh and Bengal regions. A good number of Metro stations ,particulary in the southern zone have been completed by construction workers who are actually immigrants from Bangladesh .

Toiling hard and working continuously in shifts and completing work with pounding deadlines ,these men have been a major force to reckon with. In a few months and years, the same men would probably return or find work somewhere else but their mark would still be found on the Metro rail.

Bangaloreans definetly owe a tribute to these men behind the work
The first of the Metro train is ready to chug out in early december2010 ,which would have acutally been built upon the sweats of these Migrant workers who are contributing to the Bangalore’s infrastructure in a great way as India continues its legacy of Diversity .

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