Audi A4


Audi A4 series- is described as the car for the future deserves the engine of the future.Here is an overview of this amazing car that creates ripples in one’s hearts.

The Engine:

TFSI turbo charged fuel stratified engine for the Petrol variant.
The Audi A4 series comes in 4 variants, the revolutionary TFSI engine for the petrol variant is a force to reckon with as it combines turbo charging with a petrol engine which results in amazing accelerations and boosts for the required power hungry drivers. The TFSi engine is a commendable combination because Audi is the first manufacturer that has introduced turbo charging with direct injection in petrol engines. The Turbo charger technology was previously only restricted to Diesel Engines.

TDI Engine for the Diesel variant
For the Diesel enthusiasts the TDI engines (Common rail) give a great combination of power and thrill along with a smooth efficient and excellent comfort.

A4 Quattro Engines
The higher end Audi A4 series comes with the V 6 Quattro engines. With an all wheel permanent drive, the heavy duty 3 l Tdi (Diesel) and the 3.2 l FSI (Fuel stratified petrol) engine offer an amazing acceleration of 0-100 in 6.2 seconds , almost close to a sports car performance, while its raw power and high engine capacity can hit the road at 250kmph. The Audi A4 is a classy premium segment sedan known for its performance and looks.

Looks and other features
The Audi A4 boasts of an amazing power transmission system and engine performance that gives an astounding 16 kmpl mileage for the Diesel Tdi 2 l itre.This figure is very high in terms of a car that can give such a performance and power. The Quattro engines feature a separate 7 speed Stronic gear system. With excellent looks come excellent interiors and finishing, Audi A4 is a time tested car that delivers the thing you need the most, Reliability and performance.