First feedback about the mercedes Buses introduced by BMTC


Hello ppl,

We have got a first feedback from a responsible citizen who has travelled in the newly introduced Mercedes buses .

the Feedback in his own words

Took a ride in BMTC Mercedes 335E last week from ITPL to Domlur. Been
going by Volvo to various places in Bangalore in the past 2 years+ and
it scores over Merc many a times due to:

a) Volvo offers greater and smooter suspension

b) Merc jerks very badly when it starts

c) Merc offers flat foor seating (more seats) but offers less standing space

d) Merc is more noisier almost like Marco Polo

e) Surprising to hear creaking noise in a week old Merc bus

f) Also, Merc buses that I saw are in dull white color and doesnot look like a AC bus.

Seemed to me like a chinese fake of Original Merc!!

BMTC can do better by coloring Volvo Airport buses Vayu Vajra
differently instead of confusing commuters by coloring Vajra – Normal
city volvo buses in blue, orange, red etc.. which doesnot add any
meaning to them.

BMTC should put route number indicator on the fourth side as well.

BMTC can introduce flat foor seating for Volvos similar to new Mercs


Appreciate your critical feedback . But we need to wait and see how the new Mercs fare..


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