Is the Common man Indian ready to buy EVs/ Electric cars?

“PlugShare sign for EV Cars in Venice, CA” by dj venus is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Right now is an exciting time for any electric car enthusiast. With several high-performance electric cars already launched in our market, India is now getting ready to welcome the mighty Tesla anytime soon. With the kind of global political mood we have right now, we can be sure that electric cars are the future of our automotive market in the coming decades. Some even believe that in the next 50 years or so, conventional fossil fuel engines will be completely replaced with electric cars. But the main question remains, is a common Indian car buyer ready for such a drastic change? Will our market readily adopt this technology or are there any hurdles for electric cars?

The Indian car market runs on a trust factor. Creating trust in the Indian market is important for a brand to be successful here. It is due to this trust factor that Maruti Suzuki has been a market leader for decades and car brands like Fiat had to pack bags from here. So before electric cars can be made mainstream, the car companies have to make sure that the trust factor is maintained right from the word go. With adequate initiatives from the government in the form of FAME subsidy, it is highly unlikely that electric cars would not be a success here. The recently launched electric vehicles from MG, Hyundai, and Tata have shown a good growth pattern in our market. The next factor that can be a hurdle is the range anxiety of electric vehicles. The car manufactures have to make sure that their cars provide a decent enough range for a daily city commute. We also need to improve our grid infrastructure to handle the additional load of electric vehicles. The car brands have to come up with supercharging stations across the nations, to make interstate travel a possibility.

The main thing that is going in the favor of electric vehicles, that will help in a quick switch to electric cars, is the lower running costs. We Indians love nothing more than good fuel economy and lower maintenance costs. With electric cars being inherently more efficient and having lesser moving parts these things are taken care of automatically. Electric cars will have a similar maintenance cost compared with a two-wheeler. Overall, there seem to be not many hurdles when it comes to the adoption of electric cars in India. It is a high possibility that our taxi segment will benefit greatly from these cars. But we have to make our average car buyer a bit more aware of electric cars as they have some special requirements. In the future, electric cars will become mainstream, and we should make sure an adequate positive campaign is made in front of the Indian car buyers before making them mainstream.