Speed, Agility, Power and astonishingly sharp predatorial skills are some amazing attributes of a Jaguar, the biggest cat in the Feline Family. Just as the wild Jaguar is admired for its menacing qualities, so the Jaguar XJ fits the bill of an astounding mean machine that revels in its own glory.

Recently acquired by the Tata Motors, the British Jaguar Motors, headquartered in Coventry has a legacy of its own. The Jaguar has stood for its distinct traits even as heavyweights from Germany, Italy and the Eastern manufacturers have ploughed the automotive market with their on luxury brands.

The Jaguar XJ is one of the star models from the Jaguar Brand. With its incredible muscular road presence, the Jaguar stands out on the road owing to its highly exquisite finishing.

The Engine
As with the luxurious interiors, the jaguar XJ also comes with an extravagant Engine that helps it t cruise on the roads with extraordinary power and presence.Bold with its breathtaking performance, the AJ-V8 petrol Engine of the Jaguar provides a luxurious high premium sporty feel and is one of the most technically advanced engines of the Jaguar Family. A raw 5 litre engine producing a 385 horsepower can surely provide an exhilarating drive through the highways.

The Design and luxury.
Sporty, sleek, beautiful exquisite, bold with smooth curves are few of the adjectives that can define the jaguar XJ. With a Panoramic glass roof, royal Interiors, stretched out legroom, huge body and a long presence, the Jaguar has more to offer than most of the other luxury brands. In addition, the aerospace aluminium body is lighter than the conventional luxury models .Contours are surely attractive and Jaguar XJ proves it beyond any flicker of doubt.
Touch screen panels, Hand crafted Leather interiors, high premium sound system and intelligent safety systems are some of the exclusive features of the Jaguar XJ.

The list of the features is unending but what the Jaguar surely ends is the misery that one never associates when one owns a Jaguar.

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