The Playing field of Malaysian Automotive Industry


Read about the Automotive Scene of the Malaysian Auto industry from one of the keen automotive writers- George Thomas.

Currently there are three functional manufacturers of
cars in Malaysia, which are busy in the production of cars for the Malaysian people. These companies are Naza, Perodua and Proton. One of the unique features of the car manufacturing factories over here in Malaysia is that they do not work under the pressure of competition like the other manufacturers in all the other different regions of the world instead they work with great co-operation and on mutual beneficial basis. However, if someone comes to know that the vehicle’s engine is not being manufactured by the Malaysian companies than there is nothing to be shocked about this is because although the entire car is being manufactured by factories and Malaysian companies but the engine of the vehicle is being exported from some other location. In order to be fully sufficient in the manufacturing of a vehicle engine all these three companies are doing a combined effort in collaboration with the KIA which is a Korean based company and also with Mitsubishi whose origin is in Japan. Once they will be successful in achieving knowledge and technicality regarding the vehicles engine, they will self sufficient in the manufacturing firm cars.

However, until and unless they do not have the tendency to manufacture the vehicle completely by themselves, therefore, this will keep the doors open for the international giants of the automotive industry to enter here in the market of Malaysia and capturer their share in this industry. This in fact has happened because now a day people are becoming more and more interested in having the latest model and the latest cars which have increased the expectations of the people living in Malaysia which is not being fulfilled by the local manufactures in the region therefore other renowned and famous brands are being introduced over here which includes Toyota, Honda and many others as well, this has ultimately raised the bar of competition due to which the local are being benefited.

Malaysia Honda is also one of the car manufacturers that have been providing the Honda vehicles to the people of Malaysia by keeping the name and quality of the vehicle as the same in any other region. Every year the manufacturer produces latest and new models and along with the un-imaginable features that no other models ever had and that is the area of expertise of Honda. The shape, body, linings, curves; interior in short each and every aspect is being covered so that the customer may not have any sort of complaints or difference on any other corner.

The biggest competitor of Honda is Toyota in Malaysia. Being the biggest competitor and tendency raise the bar of competition with the rival Toyota takes full advantage and tries to do the same as of Honda that is capturing the major area of market share so that they could increase their sales and revenue. However competition, coupled with inflation and the rising demand for automobiles has forced both manufacturers to work hard in order to outwit and out play the other.

Writer profile–
George Thomas, a mechanical engineer by profession, has been associated with the Automobile industry for the past fifteen year. The author has worked as a marketing consultant for a number of cars in Malaysia | Malaysia Honda companies, and holds special insights with regard to Toyota in Malaysia. The author is also a regular presenter at various regional auto forums/shows.