Here is an opinion of the Hummer straight from California ..

Flamboyance or a Show off–

Driving a Hummer, on the highways of Southern California, doesn’t give much scope for flamboyance. Except in a red-neck, “you talkin’ to me?” “You better not be talkin’ to me” sort of way; all broad shoulders, lane and a half turning circle, disdainful of the minnows down there around ankle height, arrogance. Elegant apex clipping, inertial drift cornering, swift vector changing, or, for that matter, neck snapping acceleration, are not available as options for drivers with a little showing off in mind.

Driving a Hummer in the deserts of SoCal, however does, to a degree, provide for the kidney-thumping, sand dune jumping, oh, okay, neck snapping flamboyance among the testosterone crowd. But, there again, not as much as some of the competition. For a modified battle vehicle the differential height is abysmal. I’ve known Hummers to scrape on parking lot speed bumps although – honesty compels – that could have been because the car had just returned from a particularly inept SoCal scrubland bashing.

But, none of that really matters. Hummers are not bought for their road manners.
Hummers are driven as announcements of arrival; as un-ignorable, high bond, visiting cards. Hummers are cars made to haul robber barons to their country place. The one that has rivers (shallow and slow), rain washed gullies, and thorny brambles as part of the security décor.

Or, by those who need to inspect far flung iron ore mines in reclaimed forest land. Because, while the Hummer might not provide much by way of pleasure, or even ease of operation, for the driver, the folks in the back seat(s) of the behemoth are, well, ensconced. They can party, isolated from the road noises and the distractions of taking more than their fair share of the road. Perfect for High Officials and their fellow travelers.

Given that the Hummer is no longer being manufactured, and given that there are acres and acres of the things unsold, this might be the opportunity that politicians and the powerful have waited for. Get, at rock bottom fleet sale prices Hummers with which they can… no wait, I may be unfair.

The views of the above article are the author’s alone and is not meant to hurt , criticize nor encourage any biased opinion about the product.

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