Turn your car into a semi microhybrid and emulate the mhawk Mahindra Scorpio


Kudos to Mahindra that introduced the revolutionary micro hybrid technology in the Scorpio Mhawk and the strong Bolero engines.To start with ,the Micro hybrid technology of Scorpio allows it to intelligently switch off the engine when not required. Thus the vehicle goes into the standby mode after few seconds of engine idling and is ready to spring back to life the moment the driver demands to drive.This feature of microhybrid employs the intelligent start stop function that is integrated into the electronic control unit of the engine.

So In a nutshell, the Micro Hybrid technology of Scorpio performs the
-> Switches off the engine when the Scorpio idles for a preset duration
-> Switches the engine back on, the instant your leg depresses the clutch pedal.
-> Burns less fuel, thus reducing pollution and helping to conserve the

Mighty muscular mhawk microhybrid Scorpio

Now comes the question of how to turn your car into a semi microhybrid .As we know that the Scorpio is controlled by an electronic unit that employs the start stop function to switch off automatically during idling(Traffic stops and jams). All you have to do, to transform your car into a micro hybrid is perform the start stop function by yourself. We all know that the human brain is the also a very intelligent cmoputer in its own sense . So use your brains to switch off your car during busy traffic junctions and stop unnecessary idling of your engine when your car is stuck in subsequent jams.A little effort of manually turning off your engine at a traffic signal would definetly make your conventional car behave like the high end microhybrid.

Finally a word of caution to the drivers of the Scorpio Mhawk microhybrids on the road.The Scorpio’s Microhybrid function of switching off the engine during idling works only when you keep your foot off the clutch pedal in the neutral gear. So don’t be in the habit of depressing the clutch unnecessarily even after your engine automatically switches off at a traffic stop.If you do that ,you would be underutilizing your Scorpio Microhybrid .

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