How to avoid traffic fines on roads?

As it is well known, violating traffic regulations is not only unlawful but also detrimental to the safety of other road users. As a result, it’s not unexpected to see authorities impose penalties on traffic rule violators, with the severity of the punishment ranging depending on the nature of the offense. The penalties for violating a traffic regulation can range from a few hundred rupees in fines to the loss of one’s driving license and, in extreme situations, incarceration. The fines for traffic regulation infractions are amended every few years, and the penalties were revised just a few months ago. Here is all the information you need to know about India’s new traffic rules and punishments. Aside from the traffic signs that you see on the side of the road to remind you of some of the basic rules, there are many more things that you, as a motorist, must adhere to.

“How Many Traffic Violations Can You See Here?” by Chandra Marsono is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Do not drive without an Insurance Policy

A legitimate vehicle insurance policy is required to drive legally on Indian roads, according to a recent amendment to the Motor Vehicle Act. If you are caught driving without insurance, you will be fined heavily. For the first offense, the fine is Rs2,000 and/or a three-month prison sentence. For the second offense, the charges can be up to Rs4000 and/or 3 months in prison. Prior to the modification, the penalty was a mere Rs1,000. Furthermore, third-party liability insurance is required to drive on the road. As a result, it is strongly advised to carry at least a third-party policy in order to drive legally on the road.

Avoid drinking and driving

“Please do not drink and drive,” you’ve probably heard countless times. It is a criminal offense because it is dangerous to both innocent persons on the road and you. If you are caught drinking and driving, the new penalty will be devastating to your wallet. For the first offense of drunk driving, you face 6 months in prison and/or a fine of up to Rs10,000/-. Previously, the fine for the first offense was Rs2000/- and imprisonment for 6 months. For the second offense, you face two years in prison and/or a fine of Rs15,000/. Prior to the modification, a fine of Rs3000/- and imprisonment for two years was imposed for a second offense. However, because Indian drivers are not very concerned with safety, the fine for driving a car without a seat belt is Rs1000. 

Follow speed limits

You would have heard the proverb “Better late than never” countless times. Isn’t that right? It is dangerous not just for you, but also for others. As the number of accidents increases in India, a stiffer punishment for the first offense has been imposed, namely imprisonment for one month and/or a fine of Rs. 5000. For the second offense, the penalty is one month in prison and/or an Rs10,000 fine. Unauthorized use of your vehicle, such as for commercial purposes in order to generate money, is forbidden unless your license allows it. If you are found guilty of doing so, you will have to pay a fine. To strengthen the laws, the penalty amount has been increased from Rs1,000 to Rs5,000, as indicated in the September 2019 amendment to the Motor Vehicle Act. 

Seat belts and Mobile phone

Seat belts are provided in cars for your safety, not to evade traffic officers who may levy a fee. If your vehicle has rear seat belts, all passengers should use them. However, because Indian drivers are not very concerned with safety, the fine for driving a car without a seat belt is Rs1000. Previously, the fine was a mere Rs100, which explains the ignorance. Driving while on a cell phone is not a good idea. You may create significant accidents if you are not paying attention while driving. This offense now carries a new fine of Rs 5,000. The penalty amount was Rs 1,000 prior to the alteration.