How to avoid distracted driving on roads?

We humans have millions of years of evolution behind us. The slow evolution process has made us ‘the smartest species on the Earth’. But despite all this robust evolution to back us up, one thing is amply clear that we are not meant to multitask. Our brain simply cannot handle two high-level functions. But still, we are not learning our lessons, or are we? Each year, nearly 390,000 fatalities occur due to diver’s distraction on the road. The sad part is that we can greatly avoid these fatalities, but no one seems to care about it. Here are some steps on how to avoid distracted driving on roads.

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1. Find a comfortable seating position

Most of the distraction occurs while driving because of the lack of a comfortable position. Before you hit the road, you must adjust your seats, mirrors, steering position, etc, so you won’t be constantly fighting to get the right spot while driving. A comfortable seating position will not only make your journey comfortable, but you will be able to concentrate more on the road. Also, don’t keep the cabin too cold or too hot, it can induce drowsiness while driving.

2. Do not pump that music too high

While it is not a hidden secret that we all love our adrenaline-pumping soundtracks, but believe it or not, it is the reason for nearly 20% of road accidents every year. There is no harm in enjoying your favorite tracks, but everything has a proper time and place and your vehicle is surely not one. Studies have also proven that loud music can promote aggression in the driver and can lead to road rage incidents. Instead of loud music, you should prefer calm music that will relax your brain and improve concentration levels.

3. Put your phone on discreet mode

The most important rule for how to avoid distracted driving on roads these days. The bitter truth, from which everyone is trying to run away these days. We are officially addicted to our cell phones and we can’t even think about living without them for a second. Do you know that a person’s brain, who is texting while driving, is as good as an intoxicated person’s brain? Your ability to take critical actions while driving gets reduced by over 60% and you run the risk of not only getting into an accident but you are also putting a lot of innocent lives on the road at risk. So put that phone down while driving. Alternatively, you can stop your car in a safe spot to answer the call or use the hands-free function.

4. Stay hydrated

If you are going on a long journey, then you must carry plenty of drinking water with you. Plan your journey in such a manner that you will have some resting points, to revitalize your brain. On a longer journey, CO2 levels in the cabin tend to rise, which can also hamper normal brain function. If you cannot afford to take a rest, then make sure that you open your windows once in a while to let some fresh whiff of oxygen inside your cabin. Avoid taking too much caffeine or those energy drinks, they will just force your brain to be awake, but in reality, you are losing your normal brain functionality.

5. Listen to those bells and whistles

Vehicle technology these days has increased leaps and bounds, just to make our journey safer. Cars like Mercedes and BMW have sensors to monitor the driver and they can alarm the driver when he is not driving with full concentration. If your vehicle is equipped with these features, then make sure to keep them on. Listen to the advisory and take a break or get out of your car for some stretching. By doing this, you can greatly increase your concentration levels.


These were tips for how to avoid distracted driving on roads. No matter how much our cars have been filled to till brim with cutting-edge technology, at the end of the day, it is the responsibility of the driver to keep his vehicle under control. Therefore, as a car driver, you must incorporate all the habits that will help you have maximum concentration on the road. Your car is not a place to make those Instagram reels or have a karaoke night. These things can wait, remember, there is always someone waiting for you at home. So drive safely.

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