Tubeless Tires/Tyres for cars- pros and cons

Tubeless Tires/Tyres for cars- pros and cons

When we think about the innovative technologies, that have been developed in the automotive sector over the last 4 decades, we start to fish out words like ABS, Airbags, Stability control system, etc. which is true but we tend to forget about the technological leaps of the single most component of the car i.e the tubeless tire technology. The tubeless tyre importance can be gauged from the fact that this format has single-handedly reduced the fatalities to almost 70%, which was due to tire burst and loss of traction due to poor build tires. This kind of tire does not require a pneumatic tube inside, leading to a less complicated design. Due to the design, what happens is that the tire does not tend to lose the pressure instantaneously in case of a puncture and you continue to have control over the vehicle. Let us learn more about them-


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1. Pros and Cons of a tubeless tire

Talking about the pros, the biggest single advantage of a tubeless tire, over the tubed one, is that it can contain sudden loss of tire pressure due to some projectile intrusion. The tire will release the internal pressure in a controlled manner, enough so that the driver will be still able to control the car. The speed ratings and the temperature resistance is also high in them as there is no extra lump of the tube inside. This tire is lighter and hence contributes to fuel efficiency. Also, they have a longer life with extra road grip.

Now coming to the disadvantages, there are not many but still worth considering. Since they have a stronger sealing at the lips, they require machines to get them installed on the tire. Also due to the lack of tube, the sidewall becomes a weak section. In case of direct damage to the sidewall, get ready to kiss it goodbye. Lastly, they have a high initial cost when you are purchasing the set.

Are tubeless tires suitable for Indian roads?

If you are listening to the opinion of people of the older generation, that the tubeless tires are fragile and will not survive our conditions, then do not heed to it. In our country, whenever a new technology arrives, it has a fair share of its criticism. But with over 20 years of becoming mainstream, you can gauge the performance and tubeless tyre importance by the fact that no manufacturer right now is offering their cars with tubed tires. Surely they can be fragile in the side wall areas, but here are models specifically with stronger sidewalls to tackle this. Tires like Yokohama Earth-One and MRF series are known to be durable. So you can always choose according to your requirements. 

How much does a puncture on tubeless tire costs?

Again, this area is surrounded by the myth that a puncture with the tubeless tire can only be handled by some mechanics. But the reality is that the puncture repair in a tubeless tire is not rocket science and even you can do it yourself at home or at a roadside very easily. On the contrary, the puncture repair of the tubeless tire is so much simpler, as it does not involve mounting and dismounting of the tire from the vehicle, it can be repaired even when the tire is holding pressure. The process involves plugging the breach with a resin material, which later becomes a part of the whole structure. The cost generally varies between 100-200 INR. A puncture repair kit costs 300-400 INR, but with that, you can have multiple punctures repaired

Other features of tubeless tires

The best thing that a tubeless tire has blessed us with our cars is the superior stability than the good old tubed ones. Since they are lightweight, have fewer internal frictions, they are rated for much higher ratings and load-carrying capacities. The protection that a tubeless tire provides against the sudden loss of tire pressure is unmatched, giving you superior control during an emergency. Nowadays, they can even be injected with a liquid raisin that will act as a barrier against any puncture, and quickly seal it internally. 


So in the end, if you are a person who still thinks about whether to go with a tubed or tubeless tire, then this should not even be a question going by the tubeless tire importance. Firstly, tubed tires have become so outdated that only a few brands are making tubed tires. Secondly, the advantages of tubeless tires are so many that tubed tires and tubeless stand in bright contrast with each other.