New Swift Dzire 2012


Swift Dzire, when first launched in India quickly established itself as one of the leading cars to be sold. The wait time for buying a Swift Dzire was never less than a month because of its huge demand .While the pricing of Swift Dzire made it excellently suitable for the upper middle class of India, the car’s features were more than a luxury for most of its users. With excellent mileage, rock solid durability and uncluttered maintenance, Swift Dzire captured the desire to rule the hearts of the Indian public.

2012 Swift Dzire marks a new era for this brand ambassador of the Maruti Suzuki’s product pipeline. This new model is going to be launched in February 2012 and bookings are already on a high. Some of the prominent things to note in the new Swift Dzire are :-

->The new swift Dzire has been made available along with a set of new features not previously available. Features such as new exteriors, stylish headlamps, and sporty alloy wheels are better incorporated in the new model.

-> The interiors have a new appealing look with higher roof and better width for comfortable seating.

-> The new Swift Dzire Engine platform doesn’t necessarily change the power rating and performance of the car with 86 BHp and 74BHp petrol and diesel Engines.

So what is different in the New Swift Dzire 2012 model?

-> The most note able change for the Swift Dzire 2012 is from the outside. The length of the new Dzire has been reduced by a good 165 mm, which is a good 16 cm or almost about 0.5 feet. This provides a completely different side view look and is clearly distinguished from the older Swift Dzire models.

-> The shorter length has made the boot blend better than the older models which perpetually had a boot blending issue. However the new side look of Swift Dzire seems to be a combination of Tata Indigo CS with a bulgy front.

-> The reduced length has invariably affected the boot space which has come down to 316 litres from the previous 440 / 464 litre.

-> However the new Swift Dzire 2012 still comes at the same pricing as its predecessor model.

Maruti Suzuki has basically tried to revamp one of its bestselling models to keep its appeal and attraction. However the reduction in the boot space is a cause of concern for the new model.