Droom- the online marketplace that has become a behemoth now

Droom is an AI and data science-driven online automobile marketplace in India that provides a 21st-century experience for buying and selling automobiles. Droom, as a marketplace, provides unrivaled great selection, low prices, transparency, and convenience in a single place. Droom has over 2 million vehicles to choose from, a listed inventory of $13.9 billion or more from over 286K pro-sellers, and a presence in 1,090 cities. Droom has over 6.5 million Facebook followers, making it India’s largest auto-focused community. Droom has created an entire ecosystem for the digital economy centered on used automobiles, including orange book value (used vehicle pricing), 1,000+ point vehicle inspection, history (used vehicle history records database with over 250 Mn+ vehicles), discovery (dozens of pre-buying research tools), and financial services. Droom is India’s largest E-Commerce company, accounting for 80% of all automobile transactions conducted online. Furthermore, India Droom is available in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. While their orange book value(OBV) is available in 38 countries worldwide, making OBV the world’s leading benchmark pricing engine.

Droom.in is a self-service platform where you can deal with the buying and selling of a car safely. Their cutting-edge platform enables you to sell automobiles online at any time, from any location, and on any device. You can fully utilize the platform to expand your online business and build your brand in the internet automobile marketplace. The whole concept of Droom works in a simple manner. It has created an ecosystem that includes sellers, buyers, dealers, fleet suppliers, and car servicing solution providers under a single roof. If you are in the market looking to sell or buy a car, the Droom will provide all the options available from various vendors in a single internet page or mobile application. With this, the user can choose and navigate among the options and choose the best one. Furthermore, the Droom service will provide the inspection of the car and if the user requires it, then he can also opt for the financing options. These ecosystem services enable the best marketplace practices while removing any uncertainty or information asymmetry surrounding a used automobile transaction, protecting the interests of both the buyer and seller. 

The services like Droom.in are a boon for a car user in India. These days, the second-hand car market is on a boon, and services like Droom can help make the whole process simpler.  Droom is one of India’s most valuable consumer internet brands, frequently recognized for its nonconventional approach and technology, and is backed by major global investors. Buying or selling a car is not an easy job, which includes a lot of headaches. On top of that, the chances of getting cheated are higher as a gullible buyer cannot have full knowledge about vehicles or the transaction processes. Having an all-in-one solution becomes very convenient, especially when dealing with the car market. With the success rate of Droom in India, it is hoped that more new players will enter the market. This will be a win-win situation for the consumer in the market.