Maintenance costs for Electric vehicles(EVs)/cars compared to Petrol/Gasoline cars

The future is electric and there is no denying that. Surely electric cars don’t provide that wholesome feeling of a car with an internal combustion engine, but leaving that aside, it has some great advantages that are too good to pass on. One of the biggest advantages of the electric vehicle is that it can reduce the annual maintenance cost of your vehicle by a staggering 50%. This also means that you can invest that money somewhere else to grow it, and you can also pay off EMIs on your vehicle quickly. And we have not even included the fuel-saving factor into the picture yet, which will make the overall cost of owning an EV much pocket-friendly. Let us look at some factors which make the maintenance cost of an electric vehicle so cheap.

“Car Service” by alexanderferdinand is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Lesser moving parts

A traditional internal combustion-powered vehicle has a slew of moving parts that help your vehicle to move. If we take into account the engine, transmission, and other drivetrain components, they become a handful of parts and that also means that they have scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance attached to them. Now if we compare it to an EV, there are hardly any moving parts and hence, resulting in less electric vehicle maintenance. There will be hardly a motor and some driveshafts that move the whole vehicle. With lesser moving parts, it is obvious that you will have to worry less about the general wear and tear, resulting in pocket-friendly maintenance.

Low maintenance frequency

Ask any traditional car owner, and he knows that a vehicle requires scheduled maintenance, no matter whether you drive the nuts out of it or if the vehicle has stood all year around. Fluids like engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluids, etc all require scheduled maintenance, no matter how much you drive, it’s like a fixed cost that you have to pay, and we are not even talking about the parts that are changed due to wear and tear and other deterioration. Now come back to an electric vehicle and all these costs will vanish in thin air. No, you don’t have to change any fluids, except maybe the brake fluids, and no there are no wear and tear items like timing belts, etc. these all factors make maintaining an EV a lot cheaper. 

Low stress on components 

The internal combustion engine is not an efficient piece of engineering. There is a narrow RPM range where it is the most efficient. But in our day-to-day driving, we can hardly expect that the engine will stay in that efficient range. This results in a lot of stress on the engine, and it becomes amplified when we drive on demanding road conditions such as hills. And not to forget the early morning starts where the maximum wear and tear happens. Now coming to an EV, it doesn’t have to deal with all this, resulting in lower electric vehicle maintenance. The motor is efficient right from 0 RPM, and it is almost 85% more efficient in converting energy into the moving force. All this results in a reduced maintenance cost of an electric vehicle. 

Efficient driveline

An efficient driveline not only reduces fuel costs but also increases the life of many components in an electric vehicle. Take for example the regenerative braking system. The system puts a lot less stress on the brakes of a vehicle and the life of the friction materials such as disks and pads increases tremendously. What’s more, an EV produces less heat and as a result, the cooling system has to do a lot less work, thereby, increasing the life of the cooling system. The air conditioner compressor is also electric which means it runs more linearly and more efficiently, with increased life. This helps in reducing the overall maintenance cost of an EV.


So in conclusion, owning an electric vehicle is a lot more pocket-friendly than the traditional fuel-powered vehicle, with less electric vehicle maintenance. No doubt EVs have their own Achilles heel such as the dreaded battery replacement, but even then, the maintenance and running cost will be in fractions of what you will be paying in a regular car. This should be a great initiative to own an electric vehicle. With the great Tesla already spotted testing in India testing, exciting times are surely coming ahead.