What are the Various Ways to Book Bus Tickets in India?

“Bus Tickets To Pattaya” by mynameisharsha is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Traveling by bus has been a major part of Indian culture and buses are the preferred mode of traveling through public transport here in India, for most middle-class folks. Traditionally, you can book a bus ticket by physically going to the bus station, or buy directly while traveling on the bus itself. But after the increase of online services in the last decade or so, now you can book yourself a bus ticket at the comfort of your home, through various online bus ticket booking services. Booking online has made things simpler and there are very few chances of error. On top of that, you get to get many discounts that are regularly sprinkled by the booking service providers. Here are a few top buses booking online services-


RedBus is at the top of the game when it comes to online bus booking services. They have their website and a mobile application, which can be used for ticket booking. The RedBus is very popular with foreign travelers as they accept major international credit and debit cards. While booking a bus for your journey, they will show a star rating for that particular route and the bus service provider, so that you can choose the best option that is available. The app also shows a detailed image of the bus and the amenities like a charging port that will be available on the bus. The app has a high success rate according to the review and the service is smooth.


Launched in the year 2008, this ticket booking service provider has made a reputed name for itself. They cover a large part of India, and they proudly have ticket inventory from over 2500 operators and 100000 routes, making the chances of getting a bus ticket for your route even more. They have their website and mobile applications, which can be used to book a bus ticket by the user. Furthermore, they also provide on-demand services like movies and other conveniences with some bus operators. With the current pandemic times, they are also ensuring proper implementation of traveling rules and restrictions. AbhiBus is very popular in metropolitan cities in India. 


This travel company was founded by Deep Kalra in the year 2001. The prime focus of the company has been to provide complete traveling solutions under a single roof. Now they have also started a bus ticket service, and you can use their websites and mobile application to book a bus ticket for yourself. MakeMyTrip has recently started a series of standalone and customized travel experiential offerings for travelers across India on its app and the user can have a customized journey to their destination, including sightseeing and hotel booking, all in a single package. Right now, their bus booking services are limited to some major routes only, but they are slowly expanding their operations, which will include many local routes.

Paytm bus booking

Paytm is a famous payment gateway in India and is trusted by many. Founded in the year 2010, the digital wallet company has rapidly expanded its operations to many sectors, and bus ticket booking is one of them. In 2015, the company tied up with leading local bus service providers in India and launched its bus ticket marketplace, as a single vendor. With the amalgamation of various local bus services, the brand has brought cashless services in the unregulated sector. You can use their mobile application to book a bus ticket after selecting your route. They have over 100000 routes in their inventory, and they also provide special discounts throughout the year. 


The various online bus ticket booking services have taken a major hassle away from the commuters. They can now simply book a ticket right from the comfort of their homes. This is very essential especially at the current pandemic times. You do not have to stand in long queues to book your ticket. What’s more, you can even choose the bus of your choice and also choose a preferred seat on the bus. The popularity of online travel services has increased and there are more players than ever, leading to a beneficial position for the buyer in the market. There are many deals, offers, and available discounts, that you can avail yourself of while booking your bus ticket. In the end, always remember to follow covid traveling instructions, and travel only when it is really necessary.