Which cars/ companies are good for rural areas in India

Although urbanization in India is going on at a rapid pace, the rural areas are still a major part of our geography. The rural areas still account for 69% of the total urban-rural divide and the car manufacturers cannot simply ignore this huge market. Driving a vehicle in rural areas presents many challenges as the terrain is not as forgiving as that of an urban environment. The vehicles have to work extra hard owing to dusty conditions, nonexistent roads, and bad fuel quality. You cannot expect a fragile car like the Wagon R to perform brilliantly in rural conditions. That is why certain car brands and cars are considered the best choice when it comes to driving in the rural environment to have the best cars for rural areas. Some brands even have a cult status and have maintained a strong foothold in the rural market since forever. Here are the cars/companies that are good for rural areas. 

“Tempo Trax car” by shankar s. is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Best car companies for rural areas

When it comes to survivability in the rural areas, nothing can beat the old champion Mahindra in this regard. The brand knows what it takes to make its vehicles survive in these tough terrains. It can be gauged from the fact that Mahindra still holds almost 42% of the market share in the rural segment. They have a lineup from micro utility vehicles such as Bolero Pik-Up to passenger utility vehicles such as Bolero. The brand Mahindra is worshiped in the rural area as it has a decent enough service support and simple diesel technology, which can be mended by any common mechanic. Their vehicles are known to survive high mileage, without any major issues. Another brand that can be considered good for rural areas is Tata. They also have a good light commercial vehicle lineup such as Tata 207. The after-sale service of Tata is even stronger than Mahindra. Tata Motors has a great legacy to back it up, but the product range in the light commercial vehicle segment is not as strong as Mahindra.

Best cars for rural areas

Again, the lineup from Mahindra shines in this regard and has some best cars for rural areas. The Bolero and Scorpio have made a fixed position in the rural market, and they are sold like candies in these areas. The light commercial vehicles from the brand are also popular. A surprise entry from Maruti Suzuki, the Alto 800 is also very popular in the rural and hilly areas. The main thing going for the cute little car is the simplicity in design and the great availability of the spares in the market. The car is so simple that its maintenance is close to a two-wheeler. Alto is known to survive tough rural conditions with ease. Another rugged vehicle that is popular in rural areas is the Trax Cruiser from Force motors. This vehicle is popularly used to ferry people from villages to towns. A stiff and strong suspension and ladder on the frame body setup give it dependability. The main thing going on for these vehicles is the cheap maintenance and longer life in tough conditions.


We can conclude that to survive in tough rural areas, a vehicle needs to be rugged, and the driveline must be bulletproof, you have to select from the best cars for rural areas. It is with this recipe, vehicles like Bolero and Trax have maintained a strong market in the rural areas since forever. But the main concern is that the brands are still dishing out such vehicles that are very crude and uncomfortable. The safety factor in these vehicles is also very less. The manufacturer can make a little more effort in making the life of rural folks more comfortable, especially for those, who drive these light commercial vehicles, day in and day out. The government should also make certain regulations and requirements mandatory to make these vehicles safer.