How do you prepare for the Indian car driving license?

While growing up, we pass many milestones in our lives, and getting a driving license is one of the most exciting ones for many. You are finally getting that independence of being able to drive your vehicle. In India, like it is for most countries around the world, you need a valid driver’s license to legally drive a vehicle. But before you get your driver’s license, you should be prepared for a few things to prevent that important experience from becoming a nightmare. There are a lot of things like learning how to drive, the process of getting a license, etc. that you have to look into, to get your license. Here are a few important things that will help you get your driver’s license.

What type of driving license do you need?

There are various types of driving licenses like licenses for a light motor vehicle or heavy passenger vehicle etc. But for the majority of us, a license for Light Motor Vehicle, for non-commercial purposes, is sufficient as it will cover all kinds of two-wheelers and non-commercial four-wheelers. Depending on the state you live in, you will first need a learner’s license if you are between 16-18 years old. On a learner’s license, you are only allowed to ride a two-wheeler of less than 50cc capacity, without gears. After you are older than 18 years old, you are then eligible to get a permanent driving license. Since many states have their own age criteria, you should check the Parivahan website of your state to know about it. 

Driving Steeringwheel” by Juan Di Nella/ CC0 1.0

Practicing for driving license

The next important step, in getting your driving license, is to learn how to drive your vehicle. You have to pass a driving test before you are allotted a driving license. Although in most of the states, the driving test is almost a paper formality. But as a responsible driver, it is your duty that you should be fully prepared to hit the road. The best way to go about it is to learn from a professional driving school, like the driving course provided by Maruti Suzuki. While learning how to drive a vehicle, you should learn how to be comfortable with your vehicle. It is important to learn about basic things like a correct seating position, accurately adjusted mirrors, etc. These small things can go a long way in making you a good driver. 

The application process for a driving license

In India, you can do that in two ways. By either visiting your regional RTO office or by applying online through the Parivahan portal. In both methods, you will have to submit some essential documents such as the age of proof, residence proof, a duly filled application form for a driving license, and a medical certificate or Form 1A. After the application has been submitted, you then will be given a date for a driving test. Be sure to be present on the date of the test. Some states also have a driving license test based on multiple-choice questions. After you have passed all the tests, the applicant generally receives the driving license in about 15 days. 

Other important tips 

There are several other things that you should keep in mind while getting a driving license. In most of the RTO offices, you will find many agents that can do all the paperwork for you. However, the process of getting a driving license is very easy, and you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself. Through this way, you can ensure that the whole process is done validly and legally. Though for most of the states, the driving test is just a formality, you should still fully learn how to operate your vehicle through a trained person. This goes a long way in becoming a responsible driver on the road. While learning how to drive, do not go for a high-powered vehicle initially, as it is an invitation for a disaster. Lastly, you must always carry your driving license while driving on the road, as it is an important legal requirement.


Getting a document issued from a government office can be a headache for many, and most are scared about the thought of applying for a driving license. But in reality, with little preparation, the process of getting a driving license is very easy. You have to have a valid driving license to drive legally on Indian roads. As a responsible parent, you should never let your underage children drive. It is not only extremely dangerous but can invite heavy penalties too. So be prepared in the right manner and get your driving license and be a responsible driver on the road.