How Can You Go About Getting a Car Driving License in India?

Having a driving license is an essential condition before you can drive your vehicle on the public road. The Motor vehicle act, 1988 makes it compulsory that you must have a valid driver’s license, otherwise, you can invite a traffic violation, and you can be fined up to Rs 10000. As with many other works related to government offices, getting a license is an uphill task and most of the people out there go through the route of agents to get themselves a driver’s license. But this route can be dangerous. You can never ensure that the agent has used legal ways to get your license and your personal information can be misused too. The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India, has launched a Parivahan portal where you can now apply for a driving license online. The portal has all the information about the process. Here are some important points that can be helpful for you to get your license-

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Age for getting a driving license

Since the license is issued by your local Road transport office, the age limit for getting a driving license can be different for different states. But for the majority of the states, you can get a learner’s license first at the age of 16 years, and after you cross the age of 18 years, you can apply for a permanent driving license. A learner’s license is basically limited to a two-wheeler, which has an engine capacity of less than 50cc, with no gears. With a permanent driving license, you can drive any noncommercial vehicle. For getting a commercial vehicle license, you have to be of the age of 21 years. 

Formalities involved

The process has now been made both online and offline. Going by the current pandemic times, it is better to go through the online route. You can visit the Sarthi website or Parivahan portal online and download the relevant forms. After filling the form, you have to upload some relevant documents such as your proof of age, proof of residency, form D related to a medical test, form number 4 which is related to a driving license, and other documents that a particular state may prescribe. After submitting all the forms, an application ID will be generated, and you will be allotted a tracking number for your license application. 

Preparing for driving test

After you have submitted all the relevant documents, you then have to pass a driving test, which is conducted at your local RTO office. To learn how to drive a vehicle, it is suggested that you get professional help. Many car manufacturers have their own driving schools such as Maruti Suzuki, which also makes you practice in a simulator before you actually hit the road. While you learn how to drive, make sure that you get all the basics right like adjusting the mirrors, knowing about traffic rules and speed limits, learning how to park properly, etc. Also, choose a vehicle that has low power when you are about to start your learning journey, a high-powered vehicle can be an invitation for disaster. 

Final steps

The RTO office will provide you a receipt that will contain your test spot and date. Make sure that you are available on the test date. States have different procedures and tests for selection. For two-wheelers, you will be asked to drive in a path designed in number 8 shape. The Motor Vehicle Inspector will check if you are aware of basic things such as using indicators, adjusting mirrors, and relevant signals while driving. You will have to trace the shape of number 8 in your vehicle without your legs touching the ground. You will be asked to ride the car on a track and your basic skills will be evaluated. After you are complete with the test and have passed it, the driver’s license will be posted to your home address within 15 days.


Getting a driver’s license can be a very scary experience for some due to the stigma attached to the whole red tape system. But these days, with the advent of e-governance, the whole process of getting a driving license has been made smoother through driving a license online services. You must avoid getting your work done through an agent, as it has its own risks, and you are taking part in the bribing culture. Also, make sure that you give your practical test diligently and not just as a formality, this goes a long way in becoming a responsible driver on the road.