Audi A2 Electric Car World Record


The advent of Electric cars had raised a lot of hopes of making the world energy efficient and pollution free. And this attempt is going to soon become a reality with the latest Electric car which broke all records.

Yes, the Audi A2 electric car has set an unparalleled world record of the longest driving distance driven in an electric car on a single charge. And the most astonishing fact is that this Electric car can travel at a recommended cruising speed of 130kmph, similar to any other existing midsized car. And the car also provides all basic features such as Air conditioning, power steering, and airbags.

The Audi Electric A2 completed its journey of a mind boggling 600 km with a single charge. The Berlin-based technology company DBM Energy and the energy provider Lekker Energie were the frontrunners of this project.
While BMW and Volkswagen have promised the first commercialization of electric vehicles by 2013, this feat is a major thrust to the EV industry.

The future of electric vehicles seems to be bright and is approaching right at your doorstep.

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