Honda Accord winning Indian hearts with its top draw features

Car Review of Honda Accord

Honda Accord Car review Autoraiders

Among all the vehicles made by Honda Cars India, the Accord is the one with the most sophisticated luxury features. The Honda Accord makes a bold statement wherever it goes due to its large size and overall pleasing looks.

The Accord boasts of the best interior cabin setting and the comforts features speak a language of their own. Such are the levels of comfort in the armchair-like seats that an occupant who sits down may never want to get up. The cabin of this car gives a feeling of spaciousness all around, as expected from its huge external dimensions. In addition, buttons on the neatly laid-out dashboard of the Accord are all within easy reach of the driver and the front passenger. Several convenient cubby holes are present in the Honda Accord, which are most convenient for storage during a long drive. Though seats are big and comfortable, they lack the lumbar support offered by rivals such as Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata Embera.

Here is a consumer report of the Honda Accord published abroad

At the moment, the 2013 Accord is powered by a 2354 cc petrol i-VTEC motor, which develops a power of 179 bhp. While a manual version of this car gives a mileage of 12.88 kmpl, the automatic variant is thirstier, at 11.8 kmpl. The other engine in this vehicle is a 3.5 litre V6 i-VTEC, which produces a phenomenal 274 bhp. Interestingly, the automatic transmission also gets paddle shift, which is F1-inspired. Through the use of a shift hold control system, gearshift in cornering is reduced to a great extent and acceleration is automatically supplied after negotiating a turn. The company is also looking at the possibility of introducing new Accord model with diesel engine, in order to generate greater sales figures in the Indian market.

On the outside, the Honda Accord comes fitted with a sunroof, which gives an elegant look to the vehicle. It remains firmly planted on the ground with 16-inch alloy wheels. It has a front sensor and a rear 4 sensor, which helps an individual, be aware of the vehicle’s size to park it with ease. Body-coloured rear view mirrors and chrome finished door handles have been provided, in addition to a chrome exhaust vent that looks sleek. Side, front and rear under spoilers can also be observed on the vehicle.



At present, despite having a very capable petrol vehicle, Honda is not able to sell many units of the Accord luxury saloon in the domestic market. Many buyers are awaiting the launch of a diesel version of the Accord. During this period, prices of the used Honda Accord have greatly reduced, which means this could be the perfect time to purchase one. A used Honda Accord is in huge demand especially in the big Indian metropolitan cities.

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