Used Cars in Mumbai

Selling used cars in Mumbai is emerging as a new trend for buying a model, with number of car owners opting for the second hand car market in the metropolitan. Most of the Mumbaikars have learnt that keeping multiple cars is more of a nuisance than a privilege, as the maintenance costs, fuel rates are continuously on the rise, whereas parking space and traffic situation is only worsening. Further, with the used car market gaining rapid interest and popularity among the domestic motor vehicle owners, finding an interested party is not really a big deal at the moment.

Further, those buying a used car in Mumbai must figure out certain details about the vehicle first. For instance, the used car’s current market price should be considered for which one can contact any prominent used car dealer in Mumbai. The interested party should also compare relative prices of the same model at other used car dealers. One must not get carried away with the exterior looks only and must carefully evaluate the vehicle’s past maintenance requirements, fuel consumption, service history, kilometres run and other similar sorts of things.

Diesel driven vehicles contribute to bulk of the sales in the second hand car market of Mumbai. The diesel models deliver better fuel efficiency than their petrol-powered counterparts, which is a blessing for Mumbaikars who live in a city, which is crippled with chaotic traffic jams, quite frequently. Finding a buyer or seller of used car in Mumbai is quite easy days with many interested parties posting ads on daily news paper classifieds, internet and used car online portals, among others. The trend is quickly gaining speed and the used car market is actually growing faster than the brand new car market in Mumbai.

Evidently, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors and Hyundai contribute to the bulk of sales of used carsin Mumbai, on account of their best-in-class resale value and after sales service network. Due to chaotic traffic congestion and lack of proper parking space, the local Mumbai population mostly opt for hatchbacks over big sedans and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). In a mileage obsessed nation, the sales in used car market feature mostly those vehicles with impressive fuel efficiency ratings and low maintenance requirements, along with neat looks and overall condition.

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