Ford Eco Sport

Ford has come up with the much-awaited concept of the urban SUV. Designed for the urban landscape and the occasional off-road escapades alike, the EcoSport offers a whole new idea of on-road/off-road fusion. It’s a suave and stylish piece of engineering, and there’s more to it than meets the eye…


The exterior of the car seems to be inspired partly by a sports car, and partly by a conventional SUV. That’s not to say that the combo doesn’t work – in fact it gives the car a fresh and vibrant look, and makes it stand out from the host of SUVs on the roads. The size of the car also stands in-between a sedan and an SUV, in terms of length, width and height. Ford has done a good job of keeping the length to under four metres, allowing easy maneuvering in the traffic. The front and rear are compact, and the head and tail lamps in particular deviate from convention to give the car a sedan-like appearance. The body contours serve to enhance that impression, and the car looks on the whole very sleek and sporty, true to its name. The interiors are snazzy as well – from the upholstery to the instrument cluster, the décor gives the feeling of being in an up-to-date supercar.


The EcoSport petrol is powered by the new 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine, which, though small in volume, generates an impressive 120 bhp and 170 Nm maximum torque @ 1500 rpm. Power ratings are well in tune with those of the SUVs found in this price segment, and the smaller size of the car would imply a better power-to-weight ratio, thus giving it an edge over its SUV rivals. Transmission choices are 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic.

Vehicle features

With 200 mm ground clearance, 550 mm wading capacity and approach and departure angles of 25 and 35 degrees respectively, the 5-seater Urban SUV shows that it can give the big boys a run for their money when it comes to taming the wilderness. The list of features in the EcoSport includes steering-mounted controls, multi-function display (MFD), power windows and foldable rear seats (which result in enormous boot space).

Interior features and technology

The super-stylish interiors, however, are more likely to hold your imagination than the creature comforts – the dashboard and the instrument lighting in particular are a delight to behold. Other features include keyless entry and ignition, hill launch assist, and SYNC, which allows voice control, communication on-the-move, and seamless switching from the car’s voice control to the phone handset. The features add a whole new dimension to an already impressive car, and again distinguish it from its SUV peers, which are a bit subdued on this front.

The vehicle is currently priced at around Rs. 9 lac, which is on par with vehicles much larger. But given the EcoSport’s attention to looks and elegance, this should come as no major surprise.


In the end, the EcoSport fulfills its promise of being the Urban SUV, the quintessential crossover for the city. It makes a brilliant first impression on anyone looking for that glam quotient in their car. While not quite matching up to the standard SUV in terms of size, the car indubitably exudes style and blends in perfectly with the urban landscape, whilst offering the skills to indulge now and then in some rugged adventure.

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