Why buy a Mercedes Benz C class

Sanya Sapra explores the Premium segment Mercedes C Class car in this article.
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Mercedes C-class
They say nothing is perfect. But Mercedes-Benz begs to differ. This is the first impression of Mercedes C-Class. The hallmark star on the bonnet speaks for Mercedes Benz. It says ‘Once a star is always a star’. Mercedes C-Class is a perfect blend of the trademark features of class and elegance with a spark of sportiness. The Mercedes C-Class is meant to compete with likes of BMW 3-Series and Audi A4.
The petrol variants of this sedan are 1,796cc engine displacement C 200 CGI Elegance and C 200 CGI
Avant-garde (sporty) and the diesel variants are 2,143cc engine displacement C 250 CDI Elegance and C 250 CGI Avant-garde ranging from 30-35 lakhs. Finally, the 6,208cc engine displacement C 63 AMG costs 80 lakhs.



Thinking about the exteriors, Mercedes has never disappointed us. The new C-Class has a Panoramic
roof. Panoramic roof system gives the largest possible opening in relation to its surface area when compared to the other cars. The Sport model goes a step further with a bold new radiator grille and stylish LED daytime running lights. Bi-xenon headlights with Intelligent Light System, featuring LED daytime running lights, are standard on the Sport and optional on the Elegance model line.

The interiors use High quality materials range from Nappa leather to brown ash wood and brushed aluminium, depending on the model line. The optional COMAND system, which controls comfort and entertainment functions, is more intuitive, user-friendly and straight forward. However, some eye-brows have surely risen at the small trunk and cramped back seat.

Environment Friendly
Since this brand plans to rule the future as well, the engineers have taken a step further to safeguard the planet by raising the bar in cleaner engines and lower fuel emissions. They have introduced a technology called Blue EFFICIENCY in the Mercedes brand. It is a package of fuel saving technologies by innovative changes in the design and engineering aspects of our cars; from the engine, to the wheels, aerodynamics and weight.



You can totally rely on the C-Class and feel safe. Since it is equipped with an amazing ATTENTION ASSIST it uses a number of sensors that detect and analyse the vehicle behaviour and steering movements. If the system detects certain steering patterns that frequently accompany drowsiness, it warns the driver.
On top of that to enhance the safety Mercedes uses Intelligent Light System. These adapt to the prevailing driving and weather conditions. The different lighting modes such as country and motorway light modes increase the driver’s range of visibility by up to 50 metres. The Intelligent Light System also includes the active light and cornering light functions, as well as new, enhanced fog lamps which illuminate the road edges and therefore provide even better orientation when visibility is poor.

What is the Difference?

You ought to feel the difference in the ride of the C-Class. The high level comfort of the C-Class is world apart. Also the impressive agility can’t be ignored. The C class uses the standard-fit AGILITY CONTROL package which automatically adjusts to the dampers at each wheel to a harder or softer setting according to the given situation. This ensures a significantly smoother ride than conventional dampers, particularly on poor road surfaces.

Final Critique
Neither does the new Mercedes C class offers the driver’s appeal of the BMW 3 series , nor does it provide the all round appeal of the new Audi A4. However it does hold its ground on the most important front-‘The Luxury Department’.

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