Sanya Sapra , our new writer explores the various cool luxury features available in different premium segment cars in this article. Article Author- Sanya Sapra.
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Controls in Mercedes S class
The latest Mercedes S-class has been featured with 140 motors only one of which is the engine. Thus you can imagine the number of electronic features this luxurious sedan is equipped with. One button away are the features like heated front and rear seats, outside temperature display, electric roller blind for rear window, front and rear reading lamps, adjustable seats during a crash and the list continues. The test drivers have been a little disappointed with the COMAND (Cockpit Management and Data system) multimedia system. COMAND APS is equipped with a hard-disk-based navigation system with a 3D map display plus an 8-inch color screen that boasts a large color TFT screen in 16:9 (wide-screen) formats and uses a multi-directional wheel which is located in the center console – to navigate and use the numerous menus and functions.

MMI in Audi-A8 , Lexus
The MMI (multimedia interface) system in the Audi A8 or the Remote Touch device in the Lexus LS is believed to be more user-friendly. The added feature in Audi A8 is Hand writing recognition that enables the user to scribble in Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Drivers can write addresses directly into the system rather than having to punch in the individual letters from a virtual keyboard. Toyota and TomTom use a plug-in satellite navigation system that gives real-time traffic warnings, connects to a mobile phone through Bluetooth, lists an iPod’s playlists and reads emails out aloud.

Dashboard in Rolls Royce
Talking about luxuries Rolls-Royce is the name that can’t be ignored. The newest product in the Ghost range will be using teak that is procured from South India (Kerala) giving an Indian touch to the vehicle. The unique grains of Malabar wood and its straight lines make it all the more attractive.

OLED’s organic light emitting diode

An innovation that will change the definition of car interiors is OLED (organic light emitting diode). OLED displays have been used in many concept cars. OLED has been used for dashboard display: three layers of transparent OLED panels are used that create a unique 3D display. OLED car roof is being developed which is a light source when switched on and when switched off the OLEDs become transparent allowing for a clear view outside the vehicle. Transparent solar cells can be added to the transparent OLED sandwich structure which generates electricity during the day. A car that includes OLED displays is the Lexus 2010 RX. It has a white OLED display, supplementing the main 8″ display.

Mans’ quest for better comforts is driving the automobile engineers to reach new heights and explore the undiscovered.

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