Toyota Camry- Petrol – A short review

Toyota Camry Petrol version-

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The Toyota Camry XV30 has been replaced by XV40- the 6th generation Camry Petrol version in 2012. The car is typically a Toyota member with sharp features and sensible qualities. The redesigned 2012 Toyota Camry has continued the winning series of Toyota on road. Let’s take a critic’s look on this Toyota child and analyze, what has made it special.

The exterior of the car Toyota Camry
This 5-seat sedan comes in LE, L, and XLE and in sporty SE trims versions. A 4-cylinder engine is standard in this car, whereas a V-6 optional engine remains fitted on the SE and XLE version of Toyota Camry petrol version. The headlamps of Toyota Camry look like a sharp blade and position of the Toyota badge on the grille looks stunning. Like headlamps, tail lamps also deserve special mention. It looks awesome.

Toyota Camry-Engine and performance
Toyota Camry is built with 2.4 liter petrol engine and a meticulous 5-speed auto transmission. The optimum power output of this Toyota car is 117kw at 5700 RPM and the optimum torque is 218 Nm at 400rpm. Camry drives silently on the wheel, has a great ground visibility, and offers the drivers neutral driving competence. Its on-road price at Delhi is Rs. 23, 22,050 is reasonable enough in accordance to its features.

Toyota Camry-other features
The interior of Toyota Camry is an accumulation of some fine items. Although all black is the US Camry style, in India Toyota has kept beige color also. The highest version of Toyota Camry in Indian market comes with satin upholstery. The dashboard is made for the driver’s convenience; the LCD screen is available in all variants however in the higher versions, it comes with touch screen system although not a much upgraded version. The in-built music system with 6-speaker variety is good. Toyota Camry offers excellent comfort for the back seat users; however the small fan fitted at the forefront can take care of the driver’s comfort as well. The steering wheel is electronic and comes with power-assisted rack-and-pinion.

Safety features
Anti lock brakes, stability control device, front impact airbags, side impact airbags, overhead and knee guard airbags, Seatbelt pre-tensioners for tightening seat belts are installed to ensure a safe journey and on road safety. Ignition disable device is meant for prevention of car theft, in addition to burglar alarm.

Despite its excellence on road, Toyota Camry has some snags as well. The spare parts are pretty expensive and the engines sometimes show certain transmission problem.

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