Kolkata Metro

Kolkata Metro-The underground speed transport in Kolkata

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Kolkata may have astounding quality for cultural dignity, immense sophistication for art and activities, but transport is a recurring problem here. Road block, frequent accident, delay in reaching destination, unmanageable traffic are some recurring/ mushrooming problems of Kolkata area since a long time. Dr B.C. Roy, the Chief Minister of West Bengal detected the transport problem in the early 1949 and he proposed for an underground transport system from North Kolkata to south Kolkata for quick reach. However it was all on paper and in plan until in 1969 Metropolitan Transport project, a new committee was formed for surveying Kolkata transport system and they recommended for a “Mass Rapid Transit System” to be built in Kolkata to improve the sluggish transport.

The making of Metro Kolkata

In the first phase the busiest root of Kolkata was taken under consideration and a route of 16.45 km starting from Dum Dum to Tollygunj was finally selected. The work permit of Metro construction was released on 1st June 1972.The foundation stone was laid by Mrs Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India of that time and finally the work started from 1973-74. However, the construction project of Metro faced some initial problems like inadequate fund, court injunctions, problem in shifting underground objects but nothing could stop from making the India’s first and Asia’s 5th underground transit system. Phase wise the functioning between 11 stations from North Kolkata to south Kolkata was open for public access from 19th February 1995 and the single journey took a time span of 45 minutes. Kolkata Metro started working in full swing from September 27, 1995 and the dream for underground transit system of Dr B.C. Roy came in reality.

User friendly features of Kolkata Metro

Complex and ultra modern technology enabled Kolkata Metro came with different interesting features from civil, telecommunication, electrical, and signaling engineering. The prime features of Kolkata Metro are

  • Use of ultra modern diaphragm wall and sheet piles for construction
  • Air conditioning system and active ventilation for stations and railway tracks
  • Radio communication system between stations and tunnels
  • Auto ticket vending and checking system
  • Micro-processor-enabled administrative remote control system for substations coordination and train control.

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