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[ESP]Electronic Stability Program-at a quick glance

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Electronic stability program is a safety feature installed in cars, which prevents the car from skidding. This safety device is known in short as ESP and it is a reliable device for safe driving with obvious result, as we use car lights in darkness or the windscreen wipers when rain starts.
As driving is a unique coordination of many factors, driving on Indian road is a matter of great skill indeed because leaving some areas apart average Indian road conditions often seem unpredictable especially at rainy season. Unexpected situations like potholes, broken tree, sharp turning points, dents and cracks on road or slippery surface make driving extremely tough as the vehicle may get unstable at any point of time.

How ESP works

ESP poses control on steering and over all car driving. ESP keeps a car safe on track even in critical situations and can effectively prevent fatal accidents. Nowadays, ESP device is increasingly being installed as standard safety features in all cars. According to safety statistics ESP contributes the second best safety features in a car after the use of safety belts.

ESP in cars
Initially this safety feature was available in luxury sedans only like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Ford, Audi, etc. However with advent of time and progress of technology, the use of EPS technology started to be introduced in mid segments cars also. In India recently launched vehicles like Hyundai Santa FE and Tata Aria, this ESP feature comes as a standard safety feature. These days most of top-end versions of Indian hatchbacks offer ESP feature in built. Therefore it is always worth checking for the ESP feature while making a new purchase of a car in sedan, SUV, and MUV category.

The function of ESP

The ESP system incessantly monitors the intended direction of the car via computer, which takes into consideration many factors, such as panic braking, the position of the steering wheel, and the ratio of acceleration to the actual speed of the vehicle while it is on the verge of losing its control.
The equipments for installing ESP systems in a car include:
• Lateral Acceleration Sensors,
• a Sensor for steering wheel,
• An integrated control unit with advanced features.

One glance at Indian market for cars with ESP
Presently, Honda CRV, Suzuki Hyundai, Tata Aria, Fiat Linea, Ford models are already available with ESP feature; the latest Skoda highest version has ESP technology inbuilt in it. However Toyota never uses ESP technology in their cars running on Indian roads.

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