Automobiles Smoke Pollution and its effects

Automotive Smoke Pollution and Its Effects
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Automobiles have become a part and parcel of our life although the impacts of using automobiles are not always favorable for us. Already identified as a kind of necessary evil from the point of environmental pollution, automobiles emitting smoke from the fuel combustion is one of the gruesome threats of modern cities. These days major rate of respiratory, ocular, digestive, and different skin problems are seen in people, who remain consistently exposed to automobile fumes.

Automotive Smoke Pollution-the reasons
Air pollution causes by emitted smoke from bus, taxi, SUV, MUV, and small, medium, and big trucks often cause health hazards like
• Respiratory diseases, temporary failure in lung capacity, acute inflammation of lung tissues
• Weakness in the immunity system of body
• Increased risk of cancer related disease
• Automotive smoke pollution may cause birth defect and low body weight in newborns and sometimes may cause premature death for babies
• Cause immense harm for blood vessels for child and adults alike
• Induces asthma in between people frequently exposed to automotive smoke

Why is Emission Harmful
Let’s take a look on the reason why automotive smokes cause this much health hazard. Petrol on ignition generates harmful carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, sulfur compounds, ammonia, carbon particles, and ammonia; even incomplete combustion produces hydrocarbon and 3,4 benzpyrene. The acceleration, deceleration, and smoke release due to air conditioner/heater on while the vehicle in one the road running contributes major negative impacts on pedestrians as well as on the environment initiating formation of green gas, etc.

The Preventive Methods for Smoke Pollution

However, although the situation is quite frustrating, the ray of hope is there in the increasing consciousness of authority for lessening the adverse effect in maintaining a green clean India by introducing some new rules and regulation into smoke pollution control.

The parameters for measuring vehicle emission for controlling automotive smoke pollution are
• Fuel quality-lead free green fuels have been introduced
• Vehicular technology- presently, Indian car manufacturing is little behind Euro norms by a few years, however, a commencement has been initiated; Vehicle producers are working hard toward mitigating the gap between international Euro standard and Indian emission norms.
• Periodical maintenance and inspection of the vehicles-change of filter, change of oil, Mobil, etc
• Proper maintenance of road and right traffic management.

It is obvious that holistic approach for pollution control and joint venture of auto and oil industry to work together for controlling Automotive smoke pollution and its effects in India.

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