Formula one , the sport which has a significant number of Die hard fans from India is finally arriving to Noida( Delhi) next year.The F1 race that is supposed to be conducted in India has already been listed in the world motor council, while the construction for the race circuit is being handled by the Jaypee construction group.

October 30th-2011 is the slated date for conducting the first formula one race in India and there is no doubt that the ticket bookings would be well over the expected number owing to the fans spread all across India. The racing circuit itself is going to be specified under the FIA (Formula one assiciation) rules and specifications and the track is supposed to around 3 km long (One lap). In addition to accomodating speeds of around 300kmph , the track is designed with a total area of a whopping 2800 acres . With a seating capacity of over 100000 people, this circuit will host the biggest audience compared to any other sporting event in the history of India. The closest stadium which comes to picture is the Eden Gardens with a total capacity of 80000.

While history has already been written in the one of the world”s most competitive sport by the Karthikeyan , karun Chandok and the Force india team , it remains to be seen as to how much this circuit would contribute in spreading the popularity of this sport.

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